Stuff I Like: Planet Earth

This spring, we watched the “Planet Earth” series on Discovery.  It is an awesome documentary series that focuses on 11 different parts of the earth.  It has one hour segements on things like Caves, Fresh Water, Deserts, Mountains, Grasslands and etc.  The cinematography is AMAZING and watching it made us appreciate just how amazing this earth is.  After each segement, they have a little “diaries” section where they talk about how the the film was made, or what they had to do to capture some of the footage in the segment.

We recently bought a copy of the whole series on Ebay and I’ve been watching it when I’m folding laundry or clipping coupons and etc. I am reminded at how freakin’ cool this series is.  The best part is that the series we watched this spring was narriated by Segourney Weaver and the copy we bought is narriated by a british guy, David Attenborough and his narriation and voice is MUCH better than hers. 

I’ve always been a nature-show kinda girl, some of my earliest memories are of watching Nova with my Dad.  Apparently they had a super-huge budget for this and they shot over something like 5 years, and it is all so beautiful.  Princess has really enjoyed watching it with us and asking questions about the animals and places she sees. 

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you either rent or buy a copy for yourself (we got ours for about $20 bucks on Ebay).  Or, if you live close enough, and I like you enough, I *might* lend you our copy. Maybe.

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