Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife


Wow, I’m glad I didn’t let Cyndi scare me away from this one. When I posted the list of books I was buying with my birthday booty, she commented that I shouldn’t get this one because it was depressing.  I agree, the ending isn’t altogether happy, but man, I thought this was a great read.

This story is about a man who involuntarily time travels. It kind of happens like a seizure- he is there and the next min. he is somewhere in time and he doesn’t take anything with him- clothes, money, etc.  That made this book a really great read in itself- just the exploration of the time travel and the limits and “rules” of  his world.  However, this book is NOT a science fiction- it is a love story.  The man (I forget his name) meets his soul mate, true love, whatever, during his time travels and pops in and out of her life until they meet in “real time”.  Their love story is amazing (and not squicky like you’d think since he meets her for the “first” time when she is in elementary school). 

I definately want to read this one again, and I’d recommend it (as long as you aren’t expecting all happy).  There is some strong language at times (the f-word pops up) and some sexuality, so fair warning. 

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