For the Love of Meg!

"Thanks, Herc, its been a real slice..."

Princess has a thing for the more obscure Disney movies and characters. I guess I only have my self to blame since I had a brainstorm after buying our second copy of Little Mermaid on DVD that if we watch sturdier VHS movies, our expensive DVD’s might last longer.   So, some frantic bidding on Ebay later and we have a hefty collection of Disney movies on VHS.

One of those is Hercules.  Remember Hercules? It came out about 12 years ago and honestly I had forgotten about it. But Princess LOVES the tough, sarcastic girl, Megara (“My friends call me Meg, at least they would if I had any…”).  So all she has talked about lately is Meg.  Her imaginary playmate is always Meg and she loves to sing her song (it is SO cute!).

However, this presents a problem for me. She obviously would love and want Meg toys, but how do you find them for an not-much-beloved movie that came out 12 years ago?  Enter my favorite online savior, Ebay.  In the past it has helped me find such obscure things as a “Pink Kitty” costume (oct ’07) and has supplied my children with cute and inexpensive clothes and shoes for their whole lives. 

So off I went, searching madly for anything “Meg”.  To make matters worse, she wanted a Meg and Hercules birthday party. I could have steered her towards something a little more, um, merchandised, but I’m an overacheiver and besides, there would be boys at her friend party so the boy-friendly theme actually worked out.

I was able to find a mylar Meg balloon, and iron-on to make a shirt, and a Meg/Herc tablecloth and a lot of little McDonalds toy figures for her cake.  But what I REALLY wanted to get was a Meg doll.  THey are out there, but unfortunately, they are apparently a hot doll collector item and I wasn’t prepared to shell out $50+ for a used Meg doll.  Hmmm, what to try next?  So I looked for “Greek Barbie”. She’s only 4, she won’t know better.  No dice.  I searched on everythign I coudl think of and couldn’t come up with anything.

Fortunately, Aunt Cynj saved the day.  She somehow found a Barbie toga and put it on a brown-haired doll. THen, bless her forever, she made a box that looked like a real authentic Meg doll. I still can’t thank her enough. Princess was THRILLED to say the least and it is her new favorite toy:

Notice how she even photoshoped out her shoes!

Notice how she even photoshoped out her shoes!

Then, to round out our story of obscure Disney heroines, last week I was browsing through the costumes at DI (heroically avoiding buying more dress-up dresses and Tutus- we need more dress-ups like we need a hole in the head) when i found IT.  “No. Freakin’. Way”.  It was the holy grail of Meg-ness. Something I didn’t even dare to hope was ever possible:

Yep, her very own, authentically Disney tagged Meg dress up.  Princess loves telling the story of how it was found- right down to the “My mom saw it and said “No. Freakin’. Way.”

Here is one more Princess/Meg picture for the road (because my girl is so freakin’ cute!):

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Princess Party- Zoo Style

All the Monkeys at the zoo but non-cooperating Birdy

All the Monkeys at the zoo but non-cooperating Birdy

Every year since she turned 1, we have had a “family” party for Princess at the zoo. We get together with Aunts, Uncles, Grandma, Grandpa and cousins. Every year the gang of cousins gets bigger (10 this year!) and it gets more fun as they get older. Oh yeah, it also always rains.  Every year as it is cold, overcast and threatening to rain “if we’d done this last week it would have been perfect”. 

So this year, I decided to be smart. Princess has a lot of neighborhood friends that she has been playing with all summer while at Babysitter’s house and I wanted to have them over for her first real “friend” party.  So we decided to schedule the zoo party for the week before her real birthday.  I think you know where this is going (mostly because most of my few readers were there!):

Cousin S playing in the rain

Cousin S playing in the rain

It held off raining until we were just getting in our train ride before leaving, so that is something I guess.  We had a lot of fun at the party.  And, as they say, a photo is worth a thousand words, so here are some (with words to tell you the story of Princess’ zoo party:

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Beware The Toy Eater

OK- it isn't the toy eater, but it IS the flying spaghetti monster...

OK- it isn't the toy eater, but it IS the flying spaghetti monster...

I recently got a copy of “Falling Up” by Shel Silverstein.  Princess loves the silly poems and illustrations.  One night DMP read her a poem called “The Toy Eater”. It goes a little somethin’ like this:

You don’t have to pick up your toys, okay?
You can leave ’em right there on the floor,
So tonight when the terrible Toy-Eatin’ Tookle
Comes tiptoein’ in through the crack in the door,
He’ll crunch all your soldiers, he’ll munch on your trucks,
He’ll chew your poor puppets to shreds,
He’ll swallow your Big Wheel and slurp up your paints
And bite off your dear dollies’ heads.
Then he’ll wipe off his lips with the sails of your ship,
And making a burpity noise,
He’ll slither away—but hey, that’s okay,
You don’t have to pick up your toys.

Ever since, she has been VERY concerned with keeping her toys picked up. It is funny because it is to the point that we have expanded the legend to explain that he won’t come unless we call him. Otherwise, I’d never get her out of the door in the morning!

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School thoughts

Princess (to her Aunt Cynj): “I go to pretty-school now.  And when I’m big, I’ll ride a school bus and go to kitty-garden.”

Boy- I hope she isn’t TOO disappointed when she realizes there are no kitties in Kindergarten! 

Princess started preschool and is very excited. It is only day 2 and she has already learned a lot. Today she brought her beloved pink blanket for show-and-tell. I dropped her off today for the first time and met her teacher and felt so grown up!

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