Blog Party!!!!

From DMP_Diploma

It finally happened and late last week, it became official- DMP received his diploma making him an official College Graduate. It only took 8 years and 5 schools and who knows how many majors- but he did it!!!

I’m so very, very, very proud of him. Because of his anxiety, school was a much harder road for him than it is for others. He stuck with it and I think he got WAY more out of his degree than I did (not to mention better grades).

I wanted to throw a big party to celebrate him and this accomplishment, but DMP wouldn’t let me. HOWEVER, he was OK with a blog party, so feel free to de-lurk and leave a comment with congrats or whatever!

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DMP is Go!

DMP rocks. He just turned 34 last week and he is graduating next week. Plus, he had one job interview on Wednesday and one coming up with a different company on Monday.

Apparently he is hot stuff in the entry-level accountant market. Everyone keep him in your prayers. It would be the best Christmas present if he could get a job lined up soon!

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