An appropriate Monday Story…

Lately (like for the last week or so, every other day) Birdy has been commanding me not to go to work. She sweetly grabs my hand and say “No go to work”. 

I started out by telling her “But honey, Mommy has to go…” but that quickly turns into a “no”, “yes”, “no” discussion that ends in tears when I have to leave anyway. 

So I started to try a new tactic. I say “Why don’t you want me to go to work?”.  She’ll reply with something like “Because I luff you” or “Stay and play with my kids” (meaning MY kids, not hers…). 

It breaks my little heart.

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George Washington wasn’t a very great man…


EJ came home from school yesterday singing this song:

“George Washington wasn’t a very great man. Wasn’t a very great man…”.

DMP and I smiled and asked her if maybe she wasn’t singing it right and maybe the song should say “George Washington was a very great man…”  She assured us that no, he wasn’t a great man because all the people wanted him to be king, and he said no.

Then she sang the second verse:

“George Wasnington wasn’t a very brave man….”

We asked why he wasn’t brave and she explained that he didn’t stay home when he could have.

I guess it makes sense in four-year-old world- if someone wants you to be king, and you turn it down, you must not be that cool and you should stay home – that is the right thing to do.  The best part is that she is so sure that that is the way to go. History lesson learned, I guess 🙂

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Imagination Friends

I decided not to call Princess Princess here anymore. Takes to long to write and I’ve never been a big fan. I just picked something we use as a nickname to preserve her identity. So, forthwith, I’ll call her EJ- both my readers will get it, I’m sure.

So, EJ (the daughter formerly known as Princess) has many “Imagination Friends” as she calls them. She always has, starting with a puppy – Lady, from Lady and the Tramp.  They always go in and out of vouge- mostly within a day or so.  However, she has a special new friend that has been around for a while and who has developed a personality and identity.

This friend’s name is Killme.  I kid you not. When asked how her friend got such an unusual name, EJ replied- One day she came to kill me, and I talked to her and we decided to be friends.  Now, that is only one story- now if you ask her she mostly just shrugs and says that is what her parents named her.

Killme’s parents are awesome.  Somehow, they always manage to let Killme do whatever EJ wants to do at the time- as in “Killme’s Dad says Killme doesn’t have to take a rest”.  Or “Killme’s Mom is letting her go play in the snow before she eats her oatmeal”.  Killme’s darn parents are killing me.

Killme also helps EJ remember things- like her part for the primary program coming up.  She’ll stall, and try to remember it.  Then, after a quick whispered conversation with Killme, she can do it perfectly.  At least she is good for SOMETHING.

Killme is sometimes joined by Daisy, who is a boy, and baby jaguar, but mostly these days we just deal with Killme.  She sometimes has to be found places to sit- like at the table, in the car and etc. We also have to make sure she has a place to sleep, too (and no, she can’t sleep on EJ’s bed with her…). 

The best part?  Seeing the perplexed look on stranger’s faces as we casually talk about our very dear imagination friend- Killme.

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So, we were early for church today…

So, we got up early today (thanks Birdy…) and we spent the morning snuggling in our bed and watching the zoo movie (zoo animals playing to classical music, the girls love it) and eating Halloween candy.  We got all organized- including eating lunch and piled into the car.

DMP and I were congratulating ourselves on getting to church early so we’d get a bench rather than sit in the back.  We walked in to the church and heard another sacrament meeting going on.  There were unfamiliar people in the foyer.  I turned to DMP and said “Is it Daylight Savings time?!?”. We figured it must be, but we had to go ask the nice, elderly librarian to figure out if we were 1 hour early, or one hour late for church! 

So we trudged back through the foyer with people smiling at us understandingly.  I feel better, though, because when we arrived home, we saw our neighbors leaving their house all dressed up for church. They had just realized it too (although they didn’t actually MAKE it to church!)

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