Two-year-olds ROCK!!!!

I can’t get Birdy to smile for the camera these days (or do anything on command, come to think of it).  She is a generally happy kid, mostly, but more and more we are seeing a lot of these kinds of faces these days.

Exhibit A- The Birdy Scowl:


Exhibit B: The “Awwww” (you have to say it in your best whiny-kid voice):


And finally, Exhibit C: The “I sad”:


And yes, her hair does always look like that.  Like Birdy, it tends to do it’s own thing and she is adamant that we not brush, “do” or play with it. Ever.  Sometimes (OK, most of the time) it isn’t worth the hassle.

The upside? We get a lot of these faces from big Sissy:


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We are ready for Summer

We are getting excited (and geared up) for summer.  Last summer, we bought a tent, so this summer we are getting ready to go use it.  We got some camp chairs for the girls:


I got a bike and we got a bike trailer for the girls.


The girls LOVE the trailer. I think the time they’ve spent in it sets a record for the most time they’ve spent in close proximity without bickering or fighting.


We even busted out the summer clothes. We are ready to go!


I just want to know what happened to Birdies chubby legs (commonly called “chubby bubbies” ’round these parts). Her legs have gotten so LONG and skinny over the winter!

DMP got his childhood fishing rod last time we were in Salmon, and he has been teaching the girls how to cast. EJ is a rock star and can cast FAR. 


Birdy is still learning, but hopefully she’ll be ready for our first family fishing trip!


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Awesome EJ Story: Guest Post (DMP)

We purchased a new (second-hand) computer desk and hutch today.  I had put both girls down to take a nap and was putting the desk together when I thought I heard some crying. I headed upstairs to investigate.

I found EJ sitting on the cedar chest at the top of the stairs. She was sitting right in the corner, with her legs pulled up to her chest and sobbing. I sat down next to her, put my arm around her and asked her what was wrong. I wish that I had the audio of the ensuing conversation. I will attempt to do it justice from my memory.

“Why are you sad?”

“I’m going to miss you when I go away.” (It actually took several tries to decipher this response amidst the sobs.)

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to live with Emily.”

“Why are you going to live with Emily?”

“Because you’re not doing a very good job.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I guess you take good care of me, but you don’t give me snacks whenever I want, and you don’t just let me get down when my food is not finished.” (This is actually pretty close to a direct quote. It stuck with me.)

“We do those things to keep you healthy. They aren’t really a reason to leave.”

“They aren’t? But I’m just going to miss you, and Birdie, and Chester, and Mom, and Ollie.”

“Why don’t you just stay here? You can still be friends and play with Emily and you won’t have to worry about missing us.”

“Can I watch TV?”

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I love having girls!


P.S. I’d like to pretend that the extra-sloppy paint job was a result of letting EJ do the work, but nope- that is just how I roll, or paint, rather.  It comes off of your skin in the shower the next day anyway.

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Our Valentines Day

We had a pretty fun v-day. What can I say melted cheese + Melted chocolate = LOVE


Birdy loved the melted cheese fondue best:


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EJ’s New (Huge) Bed

EJ has a new bed. It didn’t look that big in the pics, but it is HUGE in real life. She absolutely adores it, though, so it is a keeper.  So far it has been a castle, a boat and who knows what else. She and Birdie have had SO much fun with it!



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So, anyone wanna book a comedy show?

So  go ahead and file this under my growing collection of “Oh Crap” parenting moments…

Lately EJ is into telling jokes. They all start with “Why did the (insert random noun) cross the road”.  The punchline usually involves a banana.   We all laugh appropriately at all jokes, and Birdy laughs hilariously- usually before the punchline is delivered.

Sunday night, I was telling some simple knock-knock jokes in return and we were laughing.  I told EJ that we should go on a comedy tour together since we were so funny. She wanted me to explain what that was so I told her we’d ride in bus, get up on stage and make people laugh.  She loved the idea and I thought that was the end of it.

Since then, she keeps talking about when she and Mommy get on stage to tell jokes, and keeps asking when it is going to happen, if Birdy can join us, and what will Daddy do while we are on the road?  I forget that she remembers things now 🙂

So, um… Anyone wanna book a mother-daughter act?

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George Washington wasn’t a very great man…


EJ came home from school yesterday singing this song:

“George Washington wasn’t a very great man. Wasn’t a very great man…”.

DMP and I smiled and asked her if maybe she wasn’t singing it right and maybe the song should say “George Washington was a very great man…”  She assured us that no, he wasn’t a great man because all the people wanted him to be king, and he said no.

Then she sang the second verse:

“George Wasnington wasn’t a very brave man….”

We asked why he wasn’t brave and she explained that he didn’t stay home when he could have.

I guess it makes sense in four-year-old world- if someone wants you to be king, and you turn it down, you must not be that cool and you should stay home – that is the right thing to do.  The best part is that she is so sure that that is the way to go. History lesson learned, I guess 🙂

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EJ Pic of the week

Continuing the series…

This series is simply titled “Still Life (Things I like a lot)”:

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EJ Pic of the Week

Continuing our series of the world and photograpy of EJ.

This is the “Extreme closeup series”:

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