An open letter to DMP

Dearest DMP,

In this tough economy, I understand that it is difficult to find a job and that you are having a tough time filling all of the time you have on your hands.  I suggest you take up a hobby for which you are fantastically suited for and that utilizes the talent you posess that all of the brothers-in-law are jealous of- your ability to grow lots and lots of facial hair.


You see, today it has come to my attention that there are beard clubs (they let people with moustaches in too!) and, best of all, a World Beard and Moustache Competition!  I suggest you consider the following categories:

Imperial: The "Imperial"

The Styled Moustache:


I really think you have a chance. Particularly I think you could have an edge by utilizing actual pictures of some spectacular moustaches from the past.  Personally, I think you could take some tips from the distinguished facial hair of my forefathers.  For instance, you could go with a well-groomed distinguished moustache like a young Henry Clegg Jr:


I’m also a fan of the flowing goatee sported by Fredrick Lewis (Henry Clegg’s wife Ann Lewis’ father, BTW):


Of course, the best ancestral beard has to be Joseph S. Murdock, sporting the “natural”:


Just a thought. Or, you know, you could look into taking up another hobby, like collecting bottle caps.



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Two Birthdays…

So I’m playing catchup for the month of December. Christmas update is coming, but I wanted to share some pics of DMP and Uncle Brad’s birthday parties.

Putting sprinkles on Daddy’s cake.

From December_2008

The finished product

From December_2008

Blow out the candles!

From December_2008

Uncle Brad’s Turn (Different cake, same pan!)

From December_2008

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Blog Party!!!!

From DMP_Diploma

It finally happened and late last week, it became official- DMP received his diploma making him an official College Graduate. It only took 8 years and 5 schools and who knows how many majors- but he did it!!!

I’m so very, very, very proud of him. Because of his anxiety, school was a much harder road for him than it is for others. He stuck with it and I think he got WAY more out of his degree than I did (not to mention better grades).

I wanted to throw a big party to celebrate him and this accomplishment, but DMP wouldn’t let me. HOWEVER, he was OK with a blog party, so feel free to de-lurk and leave a comment with congrats or whatever!

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DMP is Go!

DMP rocks. He just turned 34 last week and he is graduating next week. Plus, he had one job interview on Wednesday and one coming up with a different company on Monday.

Apparently he is hot stuff in the entry-level accountant market. Everyone keep him in your prayers. It would be the best Christmas present if he could get a job lined up soon!

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