I have people…

It’s official and kind of ridiculous.  I have pretty much outsourced every aspect of my domestic life, thus freeing me for… more work? more time with my family? Hopefully the latter, and not the former, if I can help it.

So here’s the deal. DMP has an internship this summer in addition to his usual summer schedule of classes (big, ugly accounting classes with math homework that consists of a single “problem” that takes hours. Sounds Fun, Hon.!).  He gets home at 5:30 every night- just in time to log in for his SECOND job (thankfully he works from home).  I still work full time and things are, um, slipping at our house.  We just can’t seem to find time to cover the basics like cleaning toilets and buying and preparing food.   

So, my daughters already go to an awesome Babysitter who adores them and they adore her (outsourcing child care and nurturing- check!).  I finally convinced my in-house accountant that we should hire a housekeeper to come in once a week and clean.  It wasn’t too hard once I pointed out that he didn’t want to spend his precious spare time cleaning toilets, either (outsourcing cleaning my house- check!).  And, just last night I signed up for Dream Dinners, one of those places where you go and prepare 12 freezer meals in about 2 hours.  I can’t believe the accountant went for it, but according to him, it should positivily impact both our grocery and eating out budget.  (outsourcing feeding my family- check). 

I don’t blog about this to brag, in any way. We are not what you’d call well-to-do.  I just find it slightly absurd that in order to do our jobs and have time left over for the things we really want to do (i.e. spend time with each other and, most of all, with our girls) we have to outsource everything. I was joking with DMP that we just need a wife- someone to do all of that stuff (plus buy things like clothes, groceries, and etc.)  I’m also probably feeling a twinge of guilt, too. I want to be the one to nurture and cook and – ok, not clean, but two out of three aren’t bad. 

But, on the other hand, I’m also proud of what I’m accomplishing at work. I’m super-proud of DMP and how he is keeping things together in spite of the fact that he literally only has 2 hours (yep, 8:30 – 10:30) where he isn’t actually scheduled to be somewhere and even then, he is getting the girls ready.

Speaking of- I wonder if there is a way to outsource hairstyling duties for Lily in the mornings?

(BTW- I’ll totally post a review of Dream Dinners in case anyone is interested…)

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