Attention Fellow Readers!


I just discovered a new site last week that I’m really excited about. It is called  Basically it is a site where you can post your unwanted (or already read) books and swap them with others for FREE. 

Here’s how it works- you upload a book to your “bookshelf” someone who is looking for that book “requests” it and you agree to send it to them. You send the book at your cost (about 2.50) and when they receive the book, you get a “credit” that you can use to request a book of your own which someone will send to you at their cost.

I know a lot of you are like me and go through a lot of books. I love to pick them up at thrift stores or DI rather than the library because I usually have  a big “to be read'” pile.  This way I can get all the books I want to read in a very low-risk way. 

I was also suprised at how easy it was to add my books- you just enter the ISBN number (on the back by the bar code usually) and it already has the picture and data for you.  I added about 15 books in about 10 min.

The UI of the site could use some help- it is pretty clunky and akward to really browse books- particularly in “narrowed down” categories (like children’s books for ages baby – 3) but if you use the search feature, it works out OK.

When you get started, if you upload 10 books, you automatically get 2 credits so you can start receiving books. Warning: shameless plug. If you do decide to join and add 10 books, enter my email address or username (mak-p) and I get a credit (i.e. free book) too!

Happy reading!  If you try it out, let me know how you like it!

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Book Plots that Bug Me


I’m really bothered by book plots that feature a long-time married woman (usually with grown/teenage kids) who feels like she is in a rut and then either has a crush on or an affair with a man and it somehow suddenly makes them feel desireable and awesome again. (No – I don’t read THAT kind of book- I’m talking Maeve Binchy, the Memory Keepers Daughter, or “The Mermaid Chair” by Sue Monk Kidd (my current read)).

I realize that the “Who am I aside from Mom/Wife” is an understandable and common dilemma. However, I think these women bring it upon themselves. They are so dependent on the “love of a man” to make them feel exciting and like they are an independent person so when their life gets mundane and their husband isn’t providing that, they have to seek it elsewhere.

I suppose it is the literary extension to the problem with Young Adult (YA) fiction that my friend and YA author Kim recently blogged about here and in a follow up here.  She talks about how it is annoying that in books like Twilight and other romantic YA books, it is portrayed as all-consuming and exciting all the time and the concept of “real”, comfortable, love is non-existant.  If you start your relationship with expectations of eternal fireworks and all-consuming excitement, then you are bound to be disappointed at some point.

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Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife


Wow, I’m glad I didn’t let Cyndi scare me away from this one. When I posted the list of books I was buying with my birthday booty, she commented that I shouldn’t get this one because it was depressing.  I agree, the ending isn’t altogether happy, but man, I thought this was a great read.

This story is about a man who involuntarily time travels. It kind of happens like a seizure- he is there and the next min. he is somewhere in time and he doesn’t take anything with him- clothes, money, etc.  That made this book a really great read in itself- just the exploration of the time travel and the limits and “rules” of  his world.  However, this book is NOT a science fiction- it is a love story.  The man (I forget his name) meets his soul mate, true love, whatever, during his time travels and pops in and out of her life until they meet in “real time”.  Their love story is amazing (and not squicky like you’d think since he meets her for the “first” time when she is in elementary school). 

I definately want to read this one again, and I’d recommend it (as long as you aren’t expecting all happy).  There is some strong language at times (the f-word pops up) and some sexuality, so fair warning. 

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I’m so excited about the new book-a-riffic riches that I have to blog about it.  My sister Kate gave me an Amazon gift card for my b-day (super-thanks!) and I just ordered 5 new books.  This combines my two favorite things- books and getting stuff in the mail. Seriously, I’ll pay for the shipping so I don’t have to go to a store but I also LOVE getting packages.


I’m mostly proud that they aren’t all fluffy chick lit (I felt the need to go more intellectual after the brain-melting that was the Twlight series).  Here is the list:


Beneath a Marble Sky

Water for Elephants: A Novel (at Mom’s recommendation- we’ll talk)

The Splendor of Silence: A Novel

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Anybody Out There? (the only real chick lit- Marian Keyes is one of my favorites)


The best news is that I still have money left over (most were $.01 – $1.00 used).  So any suggestions?

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