Stuff I love- Sarah Jane Studios

I love, love LOVE the artwork at Sarah Jane studios. I think my sister Bek turned me on to her artwork (or maybe it was Cynj).  Every time I visit her Etsy shop, I want to buy everything.  I have this print on the girls little bookshelf:


I love the new family tree artwork she just released. I’m trying do decide between the blue/grey or the pink/brown:


I seriously recommend checking out her shop. Her illustrations are just beautiful and capture an idyllic childhood and are just so sweet.

I also recently discovered her blog, and it is fantastic. She posts about childhood, life, things that are pretty, and all sorts of things.

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EJ’s Evolving Art

EJ currently has an “art installation” permanently set up in our kitchen. It consists of three pieces of paper taped to the wall that are constantly being added to and changed as the muses see fit (photograpy by the artist herself):

As you can see, it is a mixed media piece, consisting of pencil, ink, marker, “found objects” and stickers. She is always telling stories and drawing on it.

Please do come by and see it while she is still speaking to “the little people”.

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