Great Strides (CFF) Walk

CFF Walk

Thanks to AJ, Dad and anyone else who donated to the CFF walk that we participated in this weekend. Our team raised nearly $600 (that was matched by Ancestry) and we won the pizza party! 

I also won the drawing to attend the Taste of Salt Lake at the TGN table. I’m super-excited about that because there is going to be great food from places like Thaifoon, Melting Pot, and other good SLC places.

We had great fun at the walk. It was a 5K from Seven Peaks to NuSkin so it was a nice, shady walk down center street in Provo. Birdy and EJ did really well- EJ got a shoulder/piggyback ride a lot of the way and Birdy rode in the stroller. As you can see from the pic, we brought Chester who was a rock star and made it most of the 3mi. on his own little chihuahua feet. I carried him the last 2 blocks since he seemed pretty tired.

In all it was a fun way to spend a Saturday. I was talking to Bek and found out there is a Buddy walk for T21 (downs syndrome) in Sept. Who wants to raise $$ and join Team Gracie??!?!


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  1. jane replied:

    With all of my new walking in London, I think I could actually do it! Perhaps someone would carry me the last few blocks. I’m proud of your family for supporting the cause and walking.

  2. cyndi replied:

    me, me!

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