Veg-tastic Recipes

A couple people have asked for meatless recipes (no, really!). So I figured I’d post links to some of our new favorites here. 

We made and froze a ton of these “Make Ahead Lunch Wraps” and I’ve been taking them for lunch (imagine that!). They heat up really well and are tasty with salsa.

Our all-time favorite veggie meal is this yummy California Grilled Veggie Sandwich– sooooo good.  Don’t be afraid of the grilled red peppers or red onion- I’m not a fan of peppers, but I”m finding I like them grilled and the onion gets all sweet and mellow.

One night we made Carmelized Onion and Gorgonzola pizza (it was my first time carmelizing onions and it went really well!).  This is a good recipe, but we cut the gorgonzola in half and used a cup or two of mozzerella.  I wouldn’t have wanted just gorgonzola!  But still use both onions- we only used one and wished there were more. We used an easy Garlic  Bread Machine pizza crust and our pizza stone and it was fantastic. Next time we are going to grill the pizza.

For quick and easy stuff, we liked this Tortellini with Fresh Vegetables although next time we’ll try to grill the veggies and just toss with the tortellini.  For other “quick” nights we had breakfast for dinner (with Morningstar sausages – they are veggie and very yummy).  We also like the Bisquick “impossibly easy pies” recipes-  Especially the Quesadilla Pie and the Spinach Parmesan Pie– they taste like a lighter version of a quiche.



June 8, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Jen replied:

    Mmmmmm. I want to try the tortellini one! I’d do the onion pizza, but I’d be the only one who’d eat it in my family.

  2. jane replied:

    Sounds ambitious and yummy. I would eat all of those things if someone would prepare them for me.

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