Neener, neener, looky what we have!


Oh yeah- I know you are jealous. Somehow we won the family lottery and we have Cynj’s boys- Sam and Thomas- while she is having their little girl TOMORROW!!!

EJ and Birdy are over the moon to have a sleepover with their boy cousins.  DMP is excited to have boys to play with (and someone for the girls to play with besides him!).  It should be a lot of really good fun for a couple of days.

When we were telling EJ that the boys were coming for a sleepover, I said “Do you know why they are coming to stay at our house?”

“No” she said.

“They are going to stay with us for a few days while their Mommy and Daddy go to the hospital to have their baby sister”

“Why? Don’t they want to see her?”



June 2, 2009. Tags: , . Uncategorized.


  1. Kate replied:

    Glad you could help…special thanks to David, too. I have been watching the clock and she should be delivering right about now. I am in baby heaven!

  2. Kate replied:

    Oops, the last one was from me (jmk). (from Kate’s computer)

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