Moving Day

The time has come, friends. I’m moving my blog. I am going to see if I can import my archives, but I doubt it.

Why? I’m tired of not being able to use my awesome flip to embed video. I don’t want to have to pay for something that I can get free elsewhere. I want to take advantage of the cute (free) backgrounds my fellow bloggers enjoy without paying for the privledge of creating my own background.  I want to comment on the blogs I follow in a way that will enable others to find me and my humble blog. So off to blogger I go!

I know it is a pain, and I hope you will follow me to the Keeping my Wits About Me new home:

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Great Strides (CFF) Walk

CFF Walk

Thanks to AJ, Dad and anyone else who donated to the CFF walk that we participated in this weekend. Our team raised nearly $600 (that was matched by Ancestry) and we won the pizza party! 

I also won the drawing to attend the Taste of Salt Lake at the TGN table. I’m super-excited about that because there is going to be great food from places like Thaifoon, Melting Pot, and other good SLC places.

We had great fun at the walk. It was a 5K from Seven Peaks to NuSkin so it was a nice, shady walk down center street in Provo. Birdy and EJ did really well- EJ got a shoulder/piggyback ride a lot of the way and Birdy rode in the stroller. As you can see from the pic, we brought Chester who was a rock star and made it most of the 3mi. on his own little chihuahua feet. I carried him the last 2 blocks since he seemed pretty tired.

In all it was a fun way to spend a Saturday. I was talking to Bek and found out there is a Buddy walk for T21 (downs syndrome) in Sept. Who wants to raise $$ and join Team Gracie??!?!

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Veg-tastic Recipes

A couple people have asked for meatless recipes (no, really!). So I figured I’d post links to some of our new favorites here. 

We made and froze a ton of these “Make Ahead Lunch Wraps” and I’ve been taking them for lunch (imagine that!). They heat up really well and are tasty with salsa.

Our all-time favorite veggie meal is this yummy California Grilled Veggie Sandwich– sooooo good.  Don’t be afraid of the grilled red peppers or red onion- I’m not a fan of peppers, but I”m finding I like them grilled and the onion gets all sweet and mellow.

One night we made Carmelized Onion and Gorgonzola pizza (it was my first time carmelizing onions and it went really well!).  This is a good recipe, but we cut the gorgonzola in half and used a cup or two of mozzerella.  I wouldn’t have wanted just gorgonzola!  But still use both onions- we only used one and wished there were more. We used an easy Garlic  Bread Machine pizza crust and our pizza stone and it was fantastic. Next time we are going to grill the pizza.

For quick and easy stuff, we liked this Tortellini with Fresh Vegetables although next time we’ll try to grill the veggies and just toss with the tortellini.  For other “quick” nights we had breakfast for dinner (with Morningstar sausages – they are veggie and very yummy).  We also like the Bisquick “impossibly easy pies” recipes-  Especially the Quesadilla Pie and the Spinach Parmesan Pie– they taste like a lighter version of a quiche.


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Birdy Post

What can I say- how cute is she? 

Here she is, chillin’ with her ride:


Too bad her hair always looks like that. When she gets out of the tub, it looks like this:


And this:


I can’t get it to stay that way. She plays to hard!

This is a series of pictures of a new game she invented- climb onto Mom/Dad’s shoulders:




Ta Da!  Don’t you wish you had a Birdy of your own?

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Meatless May Recap

EJ loves Gardenburgers!

EJ loves Gardenburgers!

I know how into my blog you all are, so surely you remember that May was declared “Meatless May” ’round these parts.  I also know that you’ve been just dying to know how it went- right?

I’m happy to report it was a resounding success. Once we got over the idea of “depriving” ourselves, it was really, really good.   We didn’t feel like we were missing anything (really).  We got back into our habit of eating a lot of veggies and fruit and that is a really good thing. 

We all ate better and more balanced meals.  The girls don’t really like to eat meat- especially Birdy.  By paying more attention to alternate protien and balanced meals, I think they were actually better off than when they would just eat some fruit and bread for dinner. 

Suprise! Birdy loves corn on the cob!

Suprise! Birdy loves corn on the cob!

The meals were no easier or harder to prepare- lots of veg prep that was traded for meat prep (thawing, trimming, etc).  We didn’t lose any weight (boo) but we didn’t really excersize more.

We liked it so much that we have decided to flip our eating habits- mostly veggie with meat about once a week (or when we go out).

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Neener, neener, looky what we have!


Oh yeah- I know you are jealous. Somehow we won the family lottery and we have Cynj’s boys- Sam and Thomas- while she is having their little girl TOMORROW!!!

EJ and Birdy are over the moon to have a sleepover with their boy cousins.  DMP is excited to have boys to play with (and someone for the girls to play with besides him!).  It should be a lot of really good fun for a couple of days.

When we were telling EJ that the boys were coming for a sleepover, I said “Do you know why they are coming to stay at our house?”

“No” she said.

“They are going to stay with us for a few days while their Mommy and Daddy go to the hospital to have their baby sister”

“Why? Don’t they want to see her?”


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