The Birds are Tweeting!

We left the window open in Birdy’s room all night the other night and when DMP went to go and get her up, she exclaimed “Dada, the birds are tweeting and I’m awake!

I’m biased, but she is so dang smart. Thanks to the shape-o-ball, she knows her shapes.  On a recent walk, everything had to be examined and named. “look Dada, triangle!” (About a crack in the sidewalk).  “Look Dada, snow rocks!” (about white landscaping rocks).  It is both fun and maddening to go for a walk with her. Stopping to examine every leaf, crack and squished bug makes for very slow going!


May 23, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Jane replied:

    She has amazing vocabulary. I wonder where she would pick up TWEET…she’s barely 2!


  2. cyndi replied:

    Is Wren on “twitter”? That might be where she heard the term tweeting…

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