North Carolina Confrence

As many of you know, I recently did some travel for work.  This confrence took me to the NGS confrence in Raleigh, North Carolina.  In spite of the 5 (yep, 5) flights and a rental car snafu, it was a lot of fun.

For the first time ever, I flew over my hometown- I was pretty excited 🙂


I got in on the last flight of the night at 12:40 only to find that Alamo, where I had reserved my rental car, closed at 12:00. Wha?!?!  So this is me in the abandoned pick-up area of the airport waiting for a super shuttle at 2:30. Can you tell I”m fervently hoping no one will come by and kill me?!?!


I didn’t get to do much sightseeing, but I was amazed at how many trees there are in Raleigh. Being a desert-baby I couldn’t believe that they were everywhere and no one had to plant them. I did get away to visit the North Carolina History museum. It is in the city center near the capitol and this old church (built abt. 1830).


Meatless May also took a temporary break because, when in the South, you have to have BBQ.  North Carolina is apparently known for it’s vinegar-based BBQ and it is goooood. 


No, I didn’t eat this plate of food by myself, I shared with a co-worker.  In case you were wondering, we had ribs, brisket, and some really, really good meatloaf.  The sweet potato fries were delish, and I enjoyed the fried okra, too. It is kind of like fried zuchini.  I was also had hushpuppies for the first time- they can only be described as little fried balls of happiness.  The biscuits were awesome, too.


I met some really interesting people on the plane back home. On one leg, I sat next to a guy who was coming home from protesting Obama’s Notre Dame commencement speech.  He had spent the night before in jail.  We had a very interesting discussion on abortion, gay rights and whatnot.

Another plane mate I met pretty much shared the whole trip. He was going from Raleigh to SLC to turn in his final project. Apparently there is a pretty well-known violin-making school in SLC and he is one of only 3 people in this year’s graduating class. One of these handmade violins takes about 200 hrs to make and sells (on the low end) for about $6,000.  I asked him to let me take a picture while he was checking on it between flights.


Over all, I really, really enjoyed talking to and connecting with the people that use Ancestry and understand what makes them tick.  Like this nice lady. She brought these books she had made using Family Tree Maker to our booth to show them off. They are over 1,500 pages of her tree, stories, pictures and etc.  Amazing.


I missed DMP and the girls like crazy and was so, so, so glad to get home (and it only was partially due to the 3 flights I had to take).  No one missed me too terribly while I was gone (except Chester) but they were all really glad when I came home. Birdy kept kissing me and sitting on my lap with her hand on my chin saying “I luff you!”. 

EJ was very excited to see me too, but it might have had something to do with the presents I brought- giveaways from other confrence booths!  They loved ’em!


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  1. Brad replied:

    I ❤ fried Okra

  2. Kim Reid replied:

    Wha? you can make books using

    Sorry I haven’t signed up yet. I feel so . . . cheap. I want to find out what my family has already done before I start all over on the family history thing.

  3. Kellene replied:

    That was something new for me, too, Kim! Cool about the books from is an online journal service that allows you to publish your journals as well into beautifully bound books. Perhaps similar, maybe not. Looks like quite a trip, the food sounds delicious! Here’s some yummy recipes I’ve been ruminating on recently.

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