Two-year-olds ROCK!!!!

I can’t get Birdy to smile for the camera these days (or do anything on command, come to think of it).  She is a generally happy kid, mostly, but more and more we are seeing a lot of these kinds of faces these days.

Exhibit A- The Birdy Scowl:


Exhibit B: The “Awwww” (you have to say it in your best whiny-kid voice):


And finally, Exhibit C: The “I sad”:


And yes, her hair does always look like that.  Like Birdy, it tends to do it’s own thing and she is adamant that we not brush, “do” or play with it. Ever.  Sometimes (OK, most of the time) it isn’t worth the hassle.

The upside? We get a lot of these faces from big Sissy:



May 6, 2009. Tags: , . Uncategorized.


  1. Kate replied:

    I’m loving these picture posts!

  2. Jane replied:

    Birdy’s hair is really light! I love the curls.
    Great pictures.

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