We are ready for Summer

We are getting excited (and geared up) for summer.  Last summer, we bought a tent, so this summer we are getting ready to go use it.  We got some camp chairs for the girls:


I got a bike and we got a bike trailer for the girls.


The girls LOVE the trailer. I think the time they’ve spent in it sets a record for the most time they’ve spent in close proximity without bickering or fighting.


We even busted out the summer clothes. We are ready to go!


I just want to know what happened to Birdies chubby legs (commonly called “chubby bubbies” ’round these parts). Her legs have gotten so LONG and skinny over the winter!

DMP got his childhood fishing rod last time we were in Salmon, and he has been teaching the girls how to cast. EJ is a rock star and can cast FAR. 


Birdy is still learning, but hopefully she’ll be ready for our first family fishing trip!



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  1. Kate replied:

    That sounds like so much fun! Are you going to roast hot dogs and make s’mores over a fire as well? If so will you invest in the skewers or do it the old fashioned way by whittling your own sticks? I vote for old fashioned way!

  2. bek replied:

    W has gotten so tall… she has lost all her “toddler-ness”. I love the first picture, EJ is reading her magazine with her legs crossed. Awesome.

    Come to our house and camp on the beach. True story. It could be really fun.

  3. Jane replied:

    I’m with Bec about beach camping! As for fishing, don’t forget the Wasatch State park fishing. Actually, practice fishing is more fun than the real thing.

  4. Jay Fichialos replied:

    Something for your consideration…
    A nice wooden basket for Chester: http://u.nu/2295
    And to top it off some appropriate vintage fabric for the basket liner: http://u.nu/3295

    Time to get crafty 😉

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