Meatless May

Colorful vegetables and fruits

The Mak family is going Meatless for the month of May.  Why you ask?  Well, I devised this little plan/challenge for lots of reasons. The biggest reason is that I’ve always wanted to try going totally veggie.  We already eat meatless at least 2x each week, so we have lots of yummy recipes. 

We also have a goal of not eating out as much. No cheeseburgers = no fun eating out :).  Also, DMP and I are, um, chubby lately, so I think meatless and not eating out could help with that too.  Also,  it is good for our health and the environment.

This should be a fun and interesting challenge. We have decided that eggs, cheese and fish are OK (DMP couldn’t QUITE face no meat at all). It is our anniversary this month and I’ll be travelling, so that will be challenging. Good thing DMP and I both love sushi!

Wish us luck and if you have any good veggie meals, send them my way!

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  1. siemri replied:

    If you want to eat cheeseburgers do what I do. Order it without meat. It still tastes great.

    Good Luck!!

  2. Kellene replied:

    Great goal! This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE grilled veggie sandwich. You will LOVE it. Enjoy!

    • makphilips replied:

      We LOVE that one- it is one of our favorites and I’m not even much of a fan of roasted peppers!

  3. Brad replied:

    I’m glad i’m being being invited over this month for dinner, HAHA.

  4. Jane replied:

    Question–how does not eating meat help the environment? I’m serious, am not tracking that. Good goal, just make sure my girls get plenty of protein. You have prepared them because they are good veggie eaters. \will look forward to your new creative recipes.

  5. Jeff replied:

    Animals fart mom. Their farts deplete the ozone layer. This makes us all die of something or other…Al Gore…Global warming…private jet…yes we can.

    I personally am opening a business selling carbon footprint offsets. Anyone interested? you give me 1,000 dollars a year and I will go plant trees to offset your car.

  6. Brad replied:

    So jefe wouldn’t killing the animals stop the gas, thus reducing problems?

  7. Jeff replied:

    Theoretically. I suppose. Though the supply and demand would say that if people would stop eating meat, people wouldn’t raise cattle as much. However this robs many people of jobs and also robs America (especially the West) of much of its national heritage. Let us not forget that our grandfather raised cattle.

    So MAK, to summarize: you hate grandpa, jobs for people, the Western United States, and America in general. Enjoy your lame carrots…me? I am going to stick to my roots and go eat a steak. lol

  8. Kate replied:

    Okay, believe it or not, I actually can help you with this. Matt and I actually have veggie (or less meat) nights as well. And hanging out with Mitch and Niall (he’s a total veggie) has made us have to think outside the box when it comes to veggie meals.

    This might sound like cheating, and sorry if it is, but we’ve discovered a product that we love and actually use quite a bit. It’s called Quorn (, I looked it up and they’re sold at Smiths. It’s basically a meat substitute product that’s really good. We’ll make pasta with the diced chicken and you’d never know it wasn’t real meat. You can also do enchiladas/tacos or anything. Matt even made his famous lasagna with Quorn mince (instead of regular mince) and it was fantastic.

    I don’t know how much it costs in the states, but seriously, give it a try. You know how picky I am, and I love Quorn. In fact, we’ve got some in our freezer now.

    Hopefully this isn’t considered cheating, since it’s still like eating meat (which in my opinion is the way to go). Let me know what you think if you do.

  9. bek replied:

    We cook pretty much veggie at home. I often leave the meat out of what I cook and just add some in later for my carnavore children.

    It will be fun!! You can make a complete protien by having rice and beans and some kind of nut… so usually incorporate rice and beans in a meal and then eat a handful of sunflower seeds.

    I can send you some recipies.. Nie Nie has some, and the sides on Pioneer Woman are amazing (we just made the fresh corn and cream.. yummy). We also eat a lot of talapia at our house….

  10. Jane replied:

    Regressing, eating beans is a vegetarian staple…beans and the resulting gastrointestinal result… Not good for the environment!!
    Go easy on the fist….mercury and other bad things in some of them.

    Have fun…we’re all waiting for a snappy come back comment.

  11. Jane replied:

    Oops…meant fish. typo

  12. Jeff replied:


    Quorn sounds like something that is in Harry Potter. Like wizard corn or something. That has dragons. And Phoenix tails in it.


    Melissa doesn’t leave snappy comebacks to my hilarious comments. 🙂

    • makphilips replied:

      I have no snappy comebacks- that’s DMP’s job. Jeff is right about the, um… Methane emissions from cows. Plus, they are a less efficent food source- it takes land to grow their food that could be used for Quorn or something 🙂

      • Kate replied:

        So what I’m seeing here is that I actually try to give a valid suggestion, like you requested and its mocked?

        See if I suggest anything again. It’s your loss, that’s all I’m saying, it’s good stuff.

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