Awesome EJ Story: Guest Post (DMP)

We purchased a new (second-hand) computer desk and hutch today.  I had put both girls down to take a nap and was putting the desk together when I thought I heard some crying. I headed upstairs to investigate.

I found EJ sitting on the cedar chest at the top of the stairs. She was sitting right in the corner, with her legs pulled up to her chest and sobbing. I sat down next to her, put my arm around her and asked her what was wrong. I wish that I had the audio of the ensuing conversation. I will attempt to do it justice from my memory.

“Why are you sad?”

“I’m going to miss you when I go away.” (It actually took several tries to decipher this response amidst the sobs.)

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to live with Emily.”

“Why are you going to live with Emily?”

“Because you’re not doing a very good job.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I guess you take good care of me, but you don’t give me snacks whenever I want, and you don’t just let me get down when my food is not finished.” (This is actually pretty close to a direct quote. It stuck with me.)

“We do those things to keep you healthy. They aren’t really a reason to leave.”

“They aren’t? But I’m just going to miss you, and Birdie, and Chester, and Mom, and Ollie.”

“Why don’t you just stay here? You can still be friends and play with Emily and you won’t have to worry about missing us.”

“Can I watch TV?”


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  1. Kate replied:

    I love this story! It’s just so EJ. I love how she had to rationally come to the conclusion that she needed to leave, yet was still sad about it. What a funny girl.

    Thanks for the chuckle this morning!

  2. Jane replied:

    aaaHHHH! I want to give a big SHOUT OUT TO DMP. He is a terrific dad and wonderful SAHD. I’m impressed!

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