Comment- Or else…

fairyOK lurkers, I just read an astonishing blog post that I really think is true. It is titled ” Every time you read a blog and don’t leave a comment, a Fairy dies“. 

She says she is just kidding, but do you really want to take chances with Tink and the gang? I think you should comment on this blog post and then clap your hands and say “I believe in Fairies” just in case.  My fairy-loving niece will thank you. 

Besides, I’m curious as to who reads my blog besides Kate, Mom, and my other sisters occasionally. Philips clan- are you out there? Holla!


April 21, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Kate replied:

    Isn’t this kind of like the pot calling the kettle black? I mean you post and expect people to comment, but how often do you really comment on other people’s blogs?

    Just wondering. I read (as you know…these blogs are my main link to what’s happening ‘cross the pond), but I don’t always comment…however I do think I do it enough to be considered a good commenter.

  2. makphilips replied:

    True- and for the sake of the fairies, I resolve to be a better comment poster- in spite of the fact that my blog reading comes mainly in stolen sanity-restoring moments at work.

    Mostly I just want to see who my “audience” is for this thing 🙂

  3. Jeff replied:

    I don’t comment because I am underappreciated… My sisters comment occasionally? You have brothers too! Sometimes I don’t have snarky things to say… Like things about family history and stuff… Would you rather I post a one word comment that says “neat?”

    I also usually read your blog during classes on my iPod and it’s hard to write a long comment on them… Like I am now… So in the immortal words of ahnold…stop whining.



    Number 1 fan




  4. Jeff replied:

    No update yet? Shoot

    Just checking back

  5. Jeff replied:

    I’m going to the bank and then work soon, thought you may want to know…

    Hug hug kiss kiss big hug little kiss hug hug little kiss

  6. Jeff replied:

    Hey! I think I may go bold today and buy 1% milk… Crazy I know. The jazz are playing tonight, thought you would want to know LOL OMG roflmao

  7. Jeff replied:

    By the way, I thought I would tell you that your dog and kids are cute. I want some just like them, but only on weekends… I got stuff to do during the week.

  8. Jeff replied:

    Go jazz

    And t birds!

    Sakana wa tabemono janai!

    Josfu sumisu wa yogensha o shinjitsu desu!

  9. Cletus the slackjawed yokel replied:

    Shoot dang melissa I here dun like this blog. I read it 6 times a day! Especially in mah lonely times…


    See you later


  10. Kate replied:

    Okay, Jeff is a Class A dork. No doubt about that.

  11. Jen replied:

    I think Jeff’s a Class A comedian! Hee hee hee. I love MAK’s blog.

  12. Brad replied:

    We should get jeff a twitter

  13. Jeff replied:

    I have a twitter, however I think twitter is one of the stupidest things on planet earth. Serious.

  14. Brad replied:

    For cereal?

  15. Jane replied:

    I like the look of your new page,esp the comment designs and you too!!

  16. Kathy replied:

    Yes, one small part of the Philips Clan is out here. I read your blog quite often I am just not a commentor.
    I am truly sorry if I have contributed to multiple fairy deaths, but….I bet I won’t change my ways:)
    I love reading your blog and knowing a bit more about your fam. Thanks

  17. bek replied:

    I read your blog, but I hate fairys so I will never comment again

    Just kidding!!

    Love the updates. I am ALMOST inspired to update mine…

  18. Kim Reid replied:

    Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. And every time a mouse trap snaps a fairy gets set on fire.

    Don’t try to save the fairies. They’re doomed.

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