Easter 2009


Birdy is excited about her treasures!

We had an awesome Easter. We went to Aunt Cynj’s house where it has become a tradition to have an egg hunt with the cousins. 

My sister totally outdid herself with a great crepe and min-pancake breakfast.  Then, after the egg hunting, she made a ham dinner, funeral potatos (yum!) and all she let me contribute was some measly asparagas (that J cooked on the grill- very yum!).   It was a delicious meal.  Then, to top it off, she made Aunt Venta’s pioneer peach cobbler- the best ever.  *Sigh* I love food.

The girls LOVE their cousins and EJ in particular loves to hang out with Sam and her other cousin Sarah.  Aunt Jenn, Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Brad were all there to join in the fun. It is always great to hang out with the big family and the day was beautiful for it.

EJ, Sarah and Sam- on the hunt

EJ, Sarah and Sam- on the hunt

As awful as it is, the Easter Bunny came to my girls 3 times this year. Yep, 3.  He left baskets of toys and treats in the morning before we left to Aunt Cynj’s.  Then he hid eggs all around her yard. THEN he hid eggs in our house when we got home while the girls and I were walking Chester.  Amazing! 

Look at Sam's game face. All the kids had flower leis. I don't know why.

Look at Sam's game face! All the kids got leis. I don't know why...

We went for a walk a little while after we came home and EJ kept asking if the Easter Bunny was going to leave stuff for them to find when they got back. DMP and I said that we thought 3 times in one day is his limit and he was probably tired.  That night she prayed for the Easter Bunny that he wouldn’t be too tired!

In all it was a fun Easter. There was good food, fun with family, sugar meltdowns, and sunny spring weather. The perfect holiday 🙂

DMP was photographer and he took mostly cute birdy shots...

DMP was photographer and he mostly got Birdy shots. Favoritism?


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  1. Kate replied:

    Thank you for posting Easter pictures. It’s great to see the kids all dressed up and looking cute. It sounds like the Easter Bunny was very generous this year. And it looks like the weather was fantastic.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Jane replied:

    How about Birdy’s dress…one of g-mas great Disney finds at the thrift store. Matching ones for them and all under $8.00.

    It was a great day, I was such a slug all and CKW worked so hard. I chalk it up to all the times I treated her when I was pregnant…at least 3!

  3. bek replied:

    HOw cute!! We had a Cyndi-esq hunt at the other grandmas with our cousins. We didn’t have any candy (well, a tiny bit) the rest was small treasures and MONEY (fake money..but they thought it was real). Good one.

    The kids look so big and so grown up. I wish we could have been there.

    BTW..I am loving the food storage posts. I have a few of those meals and a good idea on how to keep the 72 hour kits up to date…

  4. Jen replied:

    Umm, they’re not leis–they’re spring flower necklaces! 😉 Seriously, it was super fun. A nice tradition for Easter.

  5. Papper replied:

    The blog is great and now i know what Chester looks like, thank you. I am not sure this is how one does reply although it looks good. keep up the good work. I like it and will be back.

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