How I know she’s 2

The "Birdy scowl"

More than anything, this face lets me know that she’s 2.

She’s always been stubborn and bossy, but we are seeing the “Birdy Scowl”. A LOT these days.  Her nickname is also “little dictator” – she tries to call the shots on who can sing and when, when I can talk to “her” daddy, what music we listen to in the car (IF we can listen to any, of course). 

Heaven help me!


April 5, 2009. Tags: , . Uncategorized.


  1. Jay Fichialos replied:

    Hey I’ve seen that face before… pretty much the same on my 3 year old 😉

    Saw this on KSL and thought you guys might enjoy. Nice trailer at a great price.

  2. Kate replied:

    I love that picture! I can just imagine all the unjustices of the world that have piled on her to make her look like that.

    I know it’s not the most fun for you, but for us looking on, she’s adorable!

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