More Chester!

Wow- I got the most comments ever on my post about Chester. A couple of you asked for his “back story” since he is a rescue (meaning a dog we adopted from an organization that takes pets that would otherwise be taken to a shelter and likely destroyed).

The rescue we adopted him from keeps their dogs at a local vet shop, so the person who actually does the “intake” on the dogs is different than anyone who is helping people to adopt them. In Chester’s case, he had only been there a couple of days and they didn’t know any details about his family before us- just that he was quiet, gentle, had a good history with small children, cats and was housebroken.

So far as we can tell, he was well taken care of and given lots of “people food” – either given as “treats” while cooking or from the table. We know this because he follows us closely and expectantly when we are in the kitchen.  Apparently, eating off the floor is SO very fun, because he will pick up two or three pieces of his food and drop them on the floor just so he can pick it up and eat it.

DMP and I have discussed things seriously and have decided that, even though we have a Chihuahua, we will NOT dress him in dumb outfits. But gay-looking pirate bandanas are OK:


He LOVES to give kisses- on your face, your hands, any exposed skin, really.  I think he is just fishing for traces of food 🙂  He totally ignores the cat- which is great. I only wanted to increase the animal population here if it wasn’t a “chasing and bickering” addition like Jack was (sorry Cyndi!).

So that is Chester’s story- I should have made something up, but you know I’m no good at that kind of thing!img_2174


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  1. cyndi replied:

    Why did his previous owners give him up?

  2. Jen replied:

    Ahhh. A dog that doesn’t chase cats. My dog is just perfect but for 2 things–chasing the cat and barking with no end. Other than that, we luv ‘im. Chester is such a pretty color!

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