My New Boyfriend

I have a new boyfriend. He is about 3 years old, a redhead and is totally devoted to me.  DMP doesn’t mind much- he has his own boyfriend (Ollie the cat).

My bofriend’s name is Chester:


I can (and have) heard the collective groan from my parents and sisters- as a family we haven’t had much luck with doggies.  However, Chester is super-mellow, already potty trained (really!) and loves the girls, DMP and, most of all, me. 

Chester is a long-haired chihuahua but he isn’t yappy (we’ve hardly heard him”talk”) or jumpy. Really all he is interested in is a warm lap to snuggle on.  We feel pretty lucky he has joined our family. Cross your fingers that he doesn’t develop any “issues” as he gets more used to our family.


EJ is just over the moon about having her own dog. She is kind of disappointed that he doesn’t know any “tricks” (yet) like “sit” or “play dead”.  She has this to say about him:

I love Chester. He likes his tummy rubbed and he loves to follow Mommy and me. And he loves, sort of his drink and his food really really much. Right now he is licking his paw.  I love Chester!

Birdy loves that she has someone smaller than her to scold and the first thing she has said every morning since we got him is “I luff my puppy”. She thinks his name is Chihuahua.

Here is one more pic for the road- isn’t he cute and totally not naked buggy-eyed Chihuahua-like?



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  1. Kim Reid replied:

    Hey, let’s hear the story on this fella. Did he come to your home by coincidence or did incessant begging for a puppy lead to shopping for one on purpose? He looks cute! I’ll see him on Saturday, yes?

  2. makphilips replied:

    Incessant begging (by me) for about a year. We’ve played around with getting a dog, but I went to the rescue to look at another dog that was already adopted, but they had this one and it was lurve at first sight!

  3. Kate replied:

    Hmmm…I’m torn between making a taco bell or a Paris Hilton reference.

    So I won’t make either.

    Good for you for getting a dog. I guess if anyone can handle it, it’s you guys. And good on you for rescuing it. Though it does beg the question of what the dog is hiding that it needed to be rescued eh?

  4. Jane replied:

    Ain’t he handsome? I didn’t even know that “Kind of a dog” was a Chihuahua . ( I don’t like the buggy bald ones either!) I think I would like him. Explain what a rescue dog is…educate us all.

  5. Jen replied:

    He’s a little sweetie. They’re fun for the kids, too. Congrats!

  6. Kira replied:

    Yay! You have a dog! And he is a cutie! As cute as our rescue-dog-for-a-month was! And yours is potty-trained! I hope he gets to stick around for a long time! Congratulations. Double-congratulations for managing to find a cute-non-bald and non-bug-eyed chihuahua!

  7. Jeff replied:

    Kudos! It looks as though I would not want to dropkick this dog. A good quality, for if I did feel that urge, I would visit you even less! Kidding, thats not possible.

    Good Choice. Good for the kids I suppose…

  8. cyndi replied:

    I thought we adopted Jack to help you reduce your in-home animal population? Because you can totally have him back now. He won’t quit puking all over the floor and you are used to that with Ollie right? 🙂

    Cute Pup. How did you come by him?

  9. anne replied:

    Chester is too cute for words.

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