Red Furry Blob v. Kangaroo


So March Madness is upon us (apparently).  Since I work with many people of the male sporty-dude persuasion, I decided to join in. Especially when one of them was mocking that girls pick by how cute the team uniform is, or by whose mascot could eat whose.  Bingo- I had my strategy for creating my bracket (the eating, not the cute costume)

It was a lot of fun and prompted many discussions (tiger v. bear?  Red Furry Blob v. Kangaroo?  Sparky the Sun Devil v. Blue Devil?).  At the end of the day, I ended up with my guy Sparky to win it.  Partly because it worked out that way, and partly because he is only, like, my favorite mascot EVER (or at least out of the 5 schools DMP went to :>)


March 17, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. bek replied:

    Stanford will never win that way. Our mascot is a Cardinal (not the bird, the tree….). No one wants to eat the tree…..maybe that is why they suck!

    Great system, by what you would eat. I bet you win!

  2. kimreidbooks replied:

    I suck at brackets. I wondered why I kept getting e-mail reminders from yahoo to finish my bracket and I kept thinking, I did, duh. Guess what I forgot? THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Only the part with the most points possible.

    I tend to pick schools based on if I think I could have gone there. The first time I filled one out I didn’t even notice that the little number next to each school was its ranking. I picked soooo many upsets. 🙂

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