R.I.P. Bread Machine


Sigh.  It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of my beloved bread machine. Even though I’ve only known it since December, I feel that we have a unique bond that is difficult to understand. With it, I made exciting breads like honey whole wheat, oatmeal, rosemary, Portugese sweet bread, and, yes, even just white bread.

It’s death was sudden and so unexpected. I was eagerly anticipating mixing and creating my most ambitious bread to date- Wheat Carrot Honey.  I went to plug it in, and with a dramatic beep, it died. Just like that.  Despite DMP’s best efforts revive it, we had to finally give up.

Now we will never have a chance to explore the untapped bread machine recipies on Allrecipies.com. We’ll never explore the complexity of whole grains like spelt, or make awesome cheese bread.  No longer will it speed up the pizza dough making process for us so we can create exotic pizzas on our new pizza stone.

So it is with a heavy heart that we lay you to rest in the recycle bin. May your parts go on to benifit other appliances!  Farewell, sweet bread maker!

***1 hr later***  So DMP plugged it in “one last time” (I had done this several times already) and Wapaow- the bread machine is back from the dead. Maybe it was just resting?  Anyway, it is busy making chocolate chip bread (this AM’s carrot raisin is struggling to rise right now).   Faith-promoting miracle? I think so.

This whole experience has me thinking- I think I know where EJ and Birdy get their flair for the dramatic…


March 9, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. jmk replied:

    Never fear, there is always at least 500 bread machines looking for a good home on any given day.

    Carrot bread? Choc chip bread….maybe it was insulted.

  2. cyndi replied:

    Just pitch the moody machine and have a new affair with a young, sleek kitchen aide. Seriously! It has changed my life.

  3. bek replied:

    You mean it is possible for people to make bread? Hmmm, I’ll have to try that. Wait, no I won’t–I have Trader Joes!

    I stink at bread.

    Just caught up on a few old posts… Birdie is looking SO MUCH like EJ… wow. What pretty girls!

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