A Brag- I mean BLOG Post about Birdy


Here is a little conversation that happened between DMP and Birdy this morning when he went into her room to get her up:

Birdy: (holding her hands out with her fingers and thumb touching) Look Dada, Circle!

DMP: Really? Very Good (picks her up)

Birdy: Oh No- Broke my circle- it’s ruined!

Amazing things about this- 1) she knows what the heck a circle is and recognizes its shape (Thank you tupperware shapeball) 2) She used the word “ruined” correctly.  Unfortunately, that isn’t such a novel trick- she’s been copying her dramatic older sister with that one for weeks now.

Speaking of copying the big sister, Birdy is interested in going potty and frequently announces she has to go- usually when EJ announces she does. She also is very interested in EJ’s big girl panties.  EJ recently got some new ones which resulted in this:


March 5, 2009. Tags: . Uncategorized.


  1. Kate replied:

    What a great picture! Wren is so pretty. I laughed out loud (or lol’ed as the kids would say…is there a worse acronym in the world?) at the underwear pic.

    Thanks for updating! I liked your fondue update as well, but it wouldn’t let me comment for some reason.

  2. Jane replied:

    Best of all, take a look at her eyes! They REALLY are that blue!

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