Shamu Cam! Panda Cam! And More!

This weekend we discovered streaming live webcams from fantastic places like the San Diego Zoo, Sea World and Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

The girls LOVE watching the animals and it gave us a good educational opportunity to talk about each animal, what they eat, and etc. 

Bonus is that unlike YouTube videos of theme park rides (their other favorite thing to watch on the computer), these webcams are streaming and you don’t have to find a new ride every 3-5 min. or so. They sat and watched the orcas swim around their tank for about 15 min. last night while we were cooking dinner.

Check them out- here are our favorites:

San Diego Zoo- They have the Panda Cam, Polar Cam, Elephant Cam and Ape Cam

Sea World- Shamu Cam, what else do I need to say?

Monterey Bay Aquarium– Already one of our favorite places to visit. They have a ton of cams- Kelp forest, otters, penguins, outer bay, etc.

So gather the kiddos around the ‘ole computer and partake in some animal cam fun!

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