I find myself buying small presents for the girls a lot. Is it guilt because I work and I want to buy their affection? Is it a product of growing up in a large family (not that I blame my parents, but happy meals and/or small toys x 7 is a lot of dough)?

I need to stop. Or at least stop feeling guilty. Or just stop.

February 21, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. cyndi replied:

    We call it the orange gatorade theory because one of J’s buddies used to envy his older brothers when they played sports for getting treated to an orange gatorade after. Now that he is an adult he gets a kick out of drinking orange gatorade just because he can have it anytime. I remember really liking getting happy meals for sam, because although we got hamburgers frequently enough, I don’t ever remember having an official happy meal (you are right though, happy meal x 5 plus kids = way, way too much). On our first trip to disneyland we did not even consider eating anywhere but the park because be both remembered having to leave and eat balogna sandwiches in the parking lot etc. We figure with having our kids grow up with all this suff that we are getting a kick out of doing for ourselves as adults, they stand more of a chance of getting a kick out of finding ways to save money as adults (maybe!?) Either way, we figured we do it more for ourselves than them, just because we can! (Don’t tell dad…)

  2. Brad replied:

    For the longest time when i went out to eat i’d ALWAYS get a drink just because I remembered never being able to as a child, haha funny things we do now.

  3. Kate replied:

    There’s part of me that still relishes drinking an entire can of soda. I don’t really drink soda, and when I do, it’s usually not in can form, but on those rare times, I love popping open the top and not having to pour half of it into a cup. And then fight over who actually got to drink from the can.

    And I don’t think I’ve ever ordered a non cheeseburger while eating out, Dad would never justify the extra .10 they charged for cheese!

  4. jmk replied:

    Just think what your lives would be like without these “special” memories. What will you children be able to say…”I had as much of everything, anytime that I wanted!”

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