So, anyone wanna book a comedy show?

So  go ahead and file this under my growing collection of “Oh Crap” parenting moments…

Lately EJ is into telling jokes. They all start with “Why did the (insert random noun) cross the road”.  The punchline usually involves a banana.   We all laugh appropriately at all jokes, and Birdy laughs hilariously- usually before the punchline is delivered.

Sunday night, I was telling some simple knock-knock jokes in return and we were laughing.  I told EJ that we should go on a comedy tour together since we were so funny. She wanted me to explain what that was so I told her we’d ride in bus, get up on stage and make people laugh.  She loved the idea and I thought that was the end of it.

Since then, she keeps talking about when she and Mommy get on stage to tell jokes, and keeps asking when it is going to happen, if Birdy can join us, and what will Daddy do while we are on the road?  I forget that she remembers things now 🙂

So, um… Anyone wanna book a mother-daughter act?


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  1. Jen replied:

    So just make plans right now to get up on the stage at your church building when you have Birdie’s birthday party. We’ll even promise to heckle you.

  2. makphilips replied:

    oh- so kind! Too bad our new building doesn’t have a stage! We’ll have to do it anyway 🙂

  3. Kate replied:

    It depends…do you travel internationally? Because London is just crying out for a good mother daughter comedy act!

    Great story. How about this one?

    Knock Knock
    (Who’s there?)
    (Lily who?)
    Lily house on the prairie!

    No? I thought it was good to use her name…How about:

    Knock Knock
    (who’s there?)
    (Ivan who?)
    Ivan to suck your blood!

  4. jmk replied:

    The best stage in the world is the fireplace hearth in our LR. You are invited to perform anytime!!

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