George Washington wasn’t a very great man…


EJ came home from school yesterday singing this song:

“George Washington wasn’t a very great man. Wasn’t a very great man…”.

DMP and I smiled and asked her if maybe she wasn’t singing it right and maybe the song should say “George Washington was a very great man…”  She assured us that no, he wasn’t a great man because all the people wanted him to be king, and he said no.

Then she sang the second verse:

“George Wasnington wasn’t a very brave man….”

We asked why he wasn’t brave and she explained that he didn’t stay home when he could have.

I guess it makes sense in four-year-old world- if someone wants you to be king, and you turn it down, you must not be that cool and you should stay home – that is the right thing to do.  The best part is that she is so sure that that is the way to go. History lesson learned, I guess 🙂


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One Comment

  1. Kate replied:

    Awesome story! I guess when you put it that way, it does make sense. I mean, who wouldn’t want the chance to be king? Especially to a 4 year old who dreams daily of being a princess.

    That’s a pretty clever girl you’ve got there. I wish my kid was as clever. All she does is crocodile death rolls and give me indigestion…I think she takes after Matt.

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