No need to wonder why I am the way I am

I love food. It is a VERY important part of my life (perhaps that is why I’m sucking at Weight Watchers??? Damn you cheese fries and ranch!).

I was amused by the comments left by my family about my fried chicken and wafffles comments. Several members de-lurked to also ponder this strange-yet-strangely-compelling dish. I come from a family of foodies, I tell ya!

Here is some more proof:

Here is a comment by sis Bek on another blog we both follow, Light Refreshments Served:

“Am I the only one in the world that enjoys both?? We love both events in our house and each event has annual “must have” foods… (Back in the day we used to host parties for these events, but now we have too many kids and are too lazy)… for Superbowl we always have those Bisquick sausage cheese balls.. um, yes please. We also do Cowboy Caviar….. for the Oscars we have baked brie w/ ham and garlic and blue cheese fondue (for the brie…saute up some large chunks of ham –think costco spiral sliced–place in bottom of small ish baking dish. Throw in 20 whole cloves of garlic (I usually buy mine pre peeled and sometimes roast them the day before), cut up chunks of brie…bake till the cheese is bubbly, serve with bread… you dip the bread in the brie, smear on some roasted garlic and then top with ham…. sigh.. I love food…”

I read this and was literally drooling. I didn’t know blue cheese fondue existed, but hook me up, Bek!

A couple of weeks ago, another sis, Jenn, sent an announcement to the fam that her COOKBOOK is thisclose to being published!

Even the “boring” eaters of the family (I’m looking at you Kate and Brad) appreciate good food- just so long as there is no condiment or vegetable touching it.

It all started with my Dad, I think. We used to think he was joking when he said he wanted to be buried with his pepper grinder, but know we know he is serious. When he kicks the bucket, we will ceremoniously grind pepper on his grave every memorial day.  Nice mustard was always a must-have in our house, too. None of that nasty yellow stuff for the Kinsels!

It is nice to finally know why I am the way I am 🙂 It is all genetics.


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  1. Kate replied:

    mmm…I could totally go for some cheese fries and ranch! I haven’t been to TT since when we went there together. Oh, and remember that yummy pizza from the Pizza Factory? With those bread sticks? Wow, I love food now more than I ever have before.

    Pregnancy must enhance it for some reason…

    You should post more pictures of yummy food, just for me to look at. 😉

  2. bek replied:

    Ummm. Food.

    Blue Cheese Fondue… heat up some chicken stock in a small pan, stir in some blue cheese (I usually do half blue/half goat or cream cheese to cut the strength a bit) till it is a bit thick….. easy. I dip celery, bread, potatoes, pears or ham….

    We have fondue every Friday night…we also do a Thai one and a yummy alfredo/tomato one….

    Love your blog updates!

  3. cyndi replied:

    I like the nasty yellow stuff better, but I am with you on the grinding pepper. It’s in the genes, I guess. I think Bek has made that fondue for us before (the last christmas eve we were all in heber.) Yum.

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