Getting Ready for Christmas

More catching up from December.
Uncle Brad came one night and helped decorate the Christmas tree:

From December_2008

He even got to help EJ put the angel at the top of the tree:

From December_2008

I stayed home with sick kids one day, and put Birdy to work as my own, personal wrapping-paper making sweatshop. She did a FANTASTIC job and the wrapping paper was a hit!

From December_2008

Then there was a visit to Father Christmas- he somehow knew everything about EJ:

From December_2008

Birdy liked to look at him, and point and say “Santa” but would NOT get close to him AT ALL:

From December_2008

EJ also performed in her preschool program and did a great job and was rewarded with a candy cane:

From December_2008

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  1. Kate replied:

    See! This is the kind of blog I like to read about! Lots of cute pictures of the girls and full of christmasy fun!

    Thanks for updating.

  2. Brad replied:

    I hate every photo of me ever…

  3. Jeff replied:

    I know where santa is! Thats one of those terribly boring fabric stores right?! Mom used to make me come to the one on main street, and I have never hated myself so much, they are awful! Don’t subject your kids to that Melissa.

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