A Mystery Decoded- Sort Of

I like food- alot.  That means I also like to cook and watch cooking shows.  Lately on the “watch someone else travel and eat yummy food” shows it seems there have been several instances of a beloved southern meal of fried chicken and waffles.


I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this dish (I know, I’m crazy).  As you can see from the picture, it isn’t chicken strips, it is chicken “on the bone”. So are they meant to be eaten together like you would take a bite of chicken and eat it with a bite of creamy polenta?  Are they totally seperate? Do you pour syrup over the whole thing- fried chicken included?  Who the heck came up with this dish? 

So, my blog public, I turned to my old friend, Wikipedia for answers.  Turns out, this dish has a long history- particularly among the African-American slaves in the “olden days”.  They would typically get leftovers and waffles at that time were a great novelty and they rarely got fried chicken.  So it apparently became a special occasion meal for them and, later, many families would have a hearty breakfast of chicken and waffles before church. Now there are a couple of restaurant chains that specialize in the dish.

So that answers a lot of my questions, but I still don’t know- do you pour the syrup on the chicken?  Based on my intense 30 scanning of pictures on Google images, I’m going to say no. But perhaps it is like eating bacon or sausage with your waffles- some people don’t mind or even enjoy the mixing of maple and meat.

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