Blog Party!!!!

From DMP_Diploma

It finally happened and late last week, it became official- DMP received his diploma making him an official College Graduate. It only took 8 years and 5 schools and who knows how many majors- but he did it!!!

I’m so very, very, very proud of him. Because of his anxiety, school was a much harder road for him than it is for others. He stuck with it and I think he got WAY more out of his degree than I did (not to mention better grades).

I wanted to throw a big party to celebrate him and this accomplishment, but DMP wouldn’t let me. HOWEVER, he was OK with a blog party, so feel free to de-lurk and leave a comment with congrats or whatever!


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  1. cyndi replied:

    It’s not a party without cake dave, and there is no such thing as blog cake! Didn’t they teach you not to turn down a party in your honor of any kind during school?
    Seriously though, really well done!! School sucks and the older you get the harder it gets to focus and get through it. You will make an exemplary accountant!

  2. Jen replied:

    That’s a fine-looking diploma there, Dave! You deserve all the best. Congratulations and good luck in the job hunt.

  3. Brad replied:

    Yay Dave!

  4. Kate replied:

    Congratulations Dave! That’s a great accomplishment! Good luck with the job hunt. Accountants are the best.

  5. Kathy replied:

    Congrats baby bro!!!

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