EJ Pic of the week

Continuing the series…

This series is simply titled “Still Life (Things I like a lot)”:

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EJ Pic of the Week

More photograpy from EJ.

This is the “My Goofy family” series:

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DMP is Go!

DMP rocks. He just turned 34 last week and he is graduating next week. Plus, he had one job interview on Wednesday and one coming up with a different company on Monday.

Apparently he is hot stuff in the entry-level accountant market. Everyone keep him in your prayers. It would be the best Christmas present if he could get a job lined up soon!

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EJ Pic of the Week

Continuing our series of the world and photograpy of EJ.

This is the “Extreme closeup series”:

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EJ’s Evolving Art

EJ currently has an “art installation” permanently set up in our kitchen. It consists of three pieces of paper taped to the wall that are constantly being added to and changed as the muses see fit (photograpy by the artist herself):

As you can see, it is a mixed media piece, consisting of pencil, ink, marker, “found objects” and stickers. She is always telling stories and drawing on it.

Please do come by and see it while she is still speaking to “the little people”.

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