Birdy Baby

Wow- this post has been awfully EJ-heavy lately what with the birthday, fun imagination friends and her other quirks. I figured I’d write a little update on what Birdy is up to these days.

The first thing to know about Birdy is that her hair always looks like this:

No, seriously, it ALWAYS looks like this. It is very curly and wild, just like our girl (the wild part, not so much the curly part).

Lately she has gotten an imagination. She loves to pretend to be a puppy, or have her animals or little people “talk” to her.  She loves to wear her puppy harness pretty much every chance she gets.  We have to hide it because she discovered how to do up the buckles, but not UNDO them, so she follows us around asking us for help.

She is turning into a little magpie. I would say chatterbox, but she only really repeats everything she hears. She is a little word sponge and busts out with new words almost daily- “Garbage”, “Crap”, “Chicken”, “Chocolate Milk”.  It is awesome fun. 

Of course she LOVES EJ and loves to be wherever she is and doing whatever she does. EJ is (mostly) patient with her and lets her play.  Last week, EJ went to a friends house to play, and Birdy sobbed her name until she fell asleep for her nap. Then she woke up saying her name. It was really cute.

We had our very first snow, and apparently Birdy wasn’t impressed.  She stood still and stared, wide eyed, at the snow and wouldn’t play.

But, like little sisters everywhere, she loves picking on her big sister (who is a big wimp and bellows and screeches perfectly:

Yep, that is EJ under that basket, screeching away. I, like any good parent, went for my camera first 🙂


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  1. jmk replied:

    Birdy is awesome but likes grandpa better than me.

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