Imagination Friends

I decided not to call Princess Princess here anymore. Takes to long to write and I’ve never been a big fan. I just picked something we use as a nickname to preserve her identity. So, forthwith, I’ll call her EJ- both my readers will get it, I’m sure.

So, EJ (the daughter formerly known as Princess) has many “Imagination Friends” as she calls them. She always has, starting with a puppy – Lady, from Lady and the Tramp.  They always go in and out of vouge- mostly within a day or so.  However, she has a special new friend that has been around for a while and who has developed a personality and identity.

This friend’s name is Killme.  I kid you not. When asked how her friend got such an unusual name, EJ replied- One day she came to kill me, and I talked to her and we decided to be friends.  Now, that is only one story- now if you ask her she mostly just shrugs and says that is what her parents named her.

Killme’s parents are awesome.  Somehow, they always manage to let Killme do whatever EJ wants to do at the time- as in “Killme’s Dad says Killme doesn’t have to take a rest”.  Or “Killme’s Mom is letting her go play in the snow before she eats her oatmeal”.  Killme’s darn parents are killing me.

Killme also helps EJ remember things- like her part for the primary program coming up.  She’ll stall, and try to remember it.  Then, after a quick whispered conversation with Killme, she can do it perfectly.  At least she is good for SOMETHING.

Killme is sometimes joined by Daisy, who is a boy, and baby jaguar, but mostly these days we just deal with Killme.  She sometimes has to be found places to sit- like at the table, in the car and etc. We also have to make sure she has a place to sleep, too (and no, she can’t sleep on EJ’s bed with her…). 

The best part?  Seeing the perplexed look on stranger’s faces as we casually talk about our very dear imagination friend- Killme.


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  1. cyndi replied:

    Um, I think you need to have your house exorcised.

  2. Kate replied:

    What a great story! We love EJ’s imagination. Matt’s impressed that she’s mastered the art of diplomacy so early on in life, it takes a very diplomatic person to talk someone out of killing them.

    Hopefully we’ll hear more Killme stories in the future!

  3. jmk replied:

    I was talking to her and she said just a minute…she had a side conversation and returned and said ” Killme just told me a joke!!”

    This will be a great topic for her all of her life.

  4. Jen replied:

    There’s something a little freaky about such realistic imaginary friends. Will went through a phase where he wouldn’t sleep in his room at night because “dots” would come out of the wall. The big ones were mean but the small ones were nice and talked to him. Eeewww!

  5. Kira replied:

    You can chalk me up as the 3rd reader of your blog! I check it regularly and so very much enjoy the Princess/EJ stories! Killme nearly killed me! I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe! I can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next.

  6. bek replied:

    That is the best story. Killme KILLS me…. Lu had 5 imaginary sisters when she was EJ’s age… I miss that stuff. Norah still talks to her “people’ at night, but I am not convinced they are imaginary (maybe she see’s dead people??)

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