ivotedSo I voted today….

for the first time.

That is embarassing in itself- that I’m a politically-aware, socially concious 28 yr. old who was a former Political Science major has never voted.

But both of my readers know my Dad who has his masters in Political Science and has been in politics all of his life.  I have marched in more parades, and participated in more convetion and campaigns than your average bear.  With my Dad, I also witnessed politics in action- travelling with him to Southern Utah to attend town hall meetings where he was representing the district’s Congressman. 

He is going to be horrified, and I’ll probably get a lecture (unless he doesn’t read my blog and my siblings don’t tattle on me- the second is unlikely…).  But I never voted before because I felt guilt that I never knew about the local issues and candidates enough to vote. I’m not a straight-party kind of gal, you know?  My early training was to vote for the candidate and the issues, not the party.  So I was too lazy/busy to figure out the local candidates and issues, so I just didn’t vote.

Whew. I feel better. I’d like to say that this confession was prompted by my strong feelings of patritiosm and my sense of pride in finally voting in a race that I care about (the presidential one- I still don’t know much about the state election). 

I feel those things, but mostly it is because Channel 4 interviewed me as I was finishing the voting and I outed myself on state-wide news 🙂  Watch channel 4 at 5 or 6 tonite for me starring as “Clueless Young Mormon Utah County Mom”.


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  1. Kate replied:

    So who did you vote for? Are you going to ‘fess up about it?

    I’m opposite of you, this is the first election I haven’t voted in. I tried, but I never got the absentee ballot. Right now I’m doing my civic duty and watching the results (it’s 1am here…).

  2. cyndi replied:

    Yeah, I felt kind of burnt out by politics before I was even old enough to vote. And I wasn’t going to tell on you, but now I fell like you have goaded me. It’s like a self fulfilling prophecy. I’m totally telling! (I need to go to bed.)

  3. cyndi replied:

    By the way, he doesn’t read the blogs unless you specifically tell him to.

  4. jeff replied:

    I totally voted. And I educated myself onlocal election. I do want to tattle on you though…

  5. Jen replied:

    I voted, but I won’t tattle.

  6. cyndi replied:

    Jen, you’re a goody-goody!

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