So, we were early for church today…

So, we got up early today (thanks Birdy…) and we spent the morning snuggling in our bed and watching the zoo movie (zoo animals playing to classical music, the girls love it) and eating Halloween candy.  We got all organized- including eating lunch and piled into the car.

DMP and I were congratulating ourselves on getting to church early so we’d get a bench rather than sit in the back.  We walked in to the church and heard another sacrament meeting going on.  There were unfamiliar people in the foyer.  I turned to DMP and said “Is it Daylight Savings time?!?”. We figured it must be, but we had to go ask the nice, elderly librarian to figure out if we were 1 hour early, or one hour late for church! 

So we trudged back through the foyer with people smiling at us understandingly.  I feel better, though, because when we arrived home, we saw our neighbors leaving their house all dressed up for church. They had just realized it too (although they didn’t actually MAKE it to church!)


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  1. jmk replied:

    Too much classical music and zoo animals….not enough news!!

  2. bek replied:

    We have done this TWICE. Just wait until Princess is at school and then she will come home and tell you one million times to change the clocks (and do the recycling..).

  3. cyndi replied:

    We had stake conference but didn’t go since it was at 5 (PM!!!) We felt like having stake conference on daylight savings day on a 9 am church year was a total waste. We didn’t even get to have that great “sleeping in” feeling!
    But at least we didn’t show up to church early. I did show up for work an hour early once in CA when I messed up on changing my clock back to the correct time. It sucked. all I could think about was all the time I could have been sleeping.

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