EJ Pic of the Week

A new series featuring the world and photography of EJ- a four-year-old with a camera.

She calls this the “Feet” series:

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No- Thank you!

Birdy’s new thing is saying “Thank you” for everything we do or give her. She is awesome about saying “Thank you Daddy” or “Thank you Mommy”.  The best part? She also says “Your welcome, birdy”.  Such a considerate kid.

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Birdy Baby

Wow- this post has been awfully EJ-heavy lately what with the birthday, fun imagination friends and her other quirks. I figured I’d write a little update on what Birdy is up to these days.

The first thing to know about Birdy is that her hair always looks like this:

No, seriously, it ALWAYS looks like this. It is very curly and wild, just like our girl (the wild part, not so much the curly part).

Lately she has gotten an imagination. She loves to pretend to be a puppy, or have her animals or little people “talk” to her.  She loves to wear her puppy harness pretty much every chance she gets.  We have to hide it because she discovered how to do up the buckles, but not UNDO them, so she follows us around asking us for help.

She is turning into a little magpie. I would say chatterbox, but she only really repeats everything she hears. She is a little word sponge and busts out with new words almost daily- “Garbage”, “Crap”, “Chicken”, “Chocolate Milk”.  It is awesome fun. 

Of course she LOVES EJ and loves to be wherever she is and doing whatever she does. EJ is (mostly) patient with her and lets her play.  Last week, EJ went to a friends house to play, and Birdy sobbed her name until she fell asleep for her nap. Then she woke up saying her name. It was really cute.

We had our very first snow, and apparently Birdy wasn’t impressed.  She stood still and stared, wide eyed, at the snow and wouldn’t play.

But, like little sisters everywhere, she loves picking on her big sister (who is a big wimp and bellows and screeches perfectly:

Yep, that is EJ under that basket, screeching away. I, like any good parent, went for my camera first 🙂

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Imagination Friends

I decided not to call Princess Princess here anymore. Takes to long to write and I’ve never been a big fan. I just picked something we use as a nickname to preserve her identity. So, forthwith, I’ll call her EJ- both my readers will get it, I’m sure.

So, EJ (the daughter formerly known as Princess) has many “Imagination Friends” as she calls them. She always has, starting with a puppy – Lady, from Lady and the Tramp.  They always go in and out of vouge- mostly within a day or so.  However, she has a special new friend that has been around for a while and who has developed a personality and identity.

This friend’s name is Killme.  I kid you not. When asked how her friend got such an unusual name, EJ replied- One day she came to kill me, and I talked to her and we decided to be friends.  Now, that is only one story- now if you ask her she mostly just shrugs and says that is what her parents named her.

Killme’s parents are awesome.  Somehow, they always manage to let Killme do whatever EJ wants to do at the time- as in “Killme’s Dad says Killme doesn’t have to take a rest”.  Or “Killme’s Mom is letting her go play in the snow before she eats her oatmeal”.  Killme’s darn parents are killing me.

Killme also helps EJ remember things- like her part for the primary program coming up.  She’ll stall, and try to remember it.  Then, after a quick whispered conversation with Killme, she can do it perfectly.  At least she is good for SOMETHING.

Killme is sometimes joined by Daisy, who is a boy, and baby jaguar, but mostly these days we just deal with Killme.  She sometimes has to be found places to sit- like at the table, in the car and etc. We also have to make sure she has a place to sleep, too (and no, she can’t sleep on EJ’s bed with her…). 

The best part?  Seeing the perplexed look on stranger’s faces as we casually talk about our very dear imagination friend- Killme.

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Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife


Wow, I’m glad I didn’t let Cyndi scare me away from this one. When I posted the list of books I was buying with my birthday booty, she commented that I shouldn’t get this one because it was depressing.  I agree, the ending isn’t altogether happy, but man, I thought this was a great read.

This story is about a man who involuntarily time travels. It kind of happens like a seizure- he is there and the next min. he is somewhere in time and he doesn’t take anything with him- clothes, money, etc.  That made this book a really great read in itself- just the exploration of the time travel and the limits and “rules” of  his world.  However, this book is NOT a science fiction- it is a love story.  The man (I forget his name) meets his soul mate, true love, whatever, during his time travels and pops in and out of her life until they meet in “real time”.  Their love story is amazing (and not squicky like you’d think since he meets her for the “first” time when she is in elementary school). 

I definately want to read this one again, and I’d recommend it (as long as you aren’t expecting all happy).  There is some strong language at times (the f-word pops up) and some sexuality, so fair warning. 

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Hip Baby Names

I yoinked this list from another blog (one of my faves: Oh Happy Day! http://jordanferney.blogspot.com/2008/10/baby-names.html).  It is a list of hip, urban baby names. I (not suprisingly) like half of them. 
















I like

  • Lila
  • Delila
  • Daisy
  • Clementine
  • Lennon (although I couldn’t really name a kid that),
  • Sadie 
  • Milo
  • Oscar
  • Piper
  • Sebastian (again, couldn’t really do it)

How ’bout you?

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Halloween Fun!

I think the pictures say it all!

From Fall_Leaves_Halloween_08
From Fall_Leaves_Halloween_08
From Fall_Leaves_Halloween_08
From Fall_Leaves_Halloween_08
From Fall_Leaves_Halloween_08
From Fall_Leaves_Halloween_08
From Fall_Leaves_Halloween_08
From Fall_Leaves_Halloween_08
From Fall_Leaves_Halloween_08

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ivotedSo I voted today….

for the first time.

That is embarassing in itself- that I’m a politically-aware, socially concious 28 yr. old who was a former Political Science major has never voted.

But both of my readers know my Dad who has his masters in Political Science and has been in politics all of his life.  I have marched in more parades, and participated in more convetion and campaigns than your average bear.  With my Dad, I also witnessed politics in action- travelling with him to Southern Utah to attend town hall meetings where he was representing the district’s Congressman. 

He is going to be horrified, and I’ll probably get a lecture (unless he doesn’t read my blog and my siblings don’t tattle on me- the second is unlikely…).  But I never voted before because I felt guilt that I never knew about the local issues and candidates enough to vote. I’m not a straight-party kind of gal, you know?  My early training was to vote for the candidate and the issues, not the party.  So I was too lazy/busy to figure out the local candidates and issues, so I just didn’t vote.

Whew. I feel better. I’d like to say that this confession was prompted by my strong feelings of patritiosm and my sense of pride in finally voting in a race that I care about (the presidential one- I still don’t know much about the state election). 

I feel those things, but mostly it is because Channel 4 interviewed me as I was finishing the voting and I outed myself on state-wide news 🙂  Watch channel 4 at 5 or 6 tonite for me starring as “Clueless Young Mormon Utah County Mom”.

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Award Winning Chili

So, I entered our company Halloween chili contest and WON for the vegetarian category.  Yep, DMP’s cooking skills paid off (he prepped and assembled, I heated it up and stirred).  So, if you are interested, here is my AWARD WINNING Super Chili:

4 cans of beans (your choice) rinsed and drained

1 16 oz bottle of salsa

1 small can of tomato sauce (you know, the really little ones?)

1 regular can of diced tomatoes w/ juice (I used chipotle ones)

1 can cream of mushroom soup

8 oz of velveeta cheese, in chunks

About ½ c. chopped onion

About ½ c. chopped green pepper

Cayenne and Chili powder to taste (I think DMP added 1 tsp of each?)

Dump everything in a pot and bring it to a boil then turn the temp down and let it simmer for 30 min or until melted and heated through. Or, if you prefer, you can put it in the crock pot on low for 3-4 hrs. (or high for 2).

 That’s it. It is really good with tortilla chips, saltine crackers, cheese, sour cream and etc.

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So, we were early for church today…

So, we got up early today (thanks Birdy…) and we spent the morning snuggling in our bed and watching the zoo movie (zoo animals playing to classical music, the girls love it) and eating Halloween candy.  We got all organized- including eating lunch and piled into the car.

DMP and I were congratulating ourselves on getting to church early so we’d get a bench rather than sit in the back.  We walked in to the church and heard another sacrament meeting going on.  There were unfamiliar people in the foyer.  I turned to DMP and said “Is it Daylight Savings time?!?”. We figured it must be, but we had to go ask the nice, elderly librarian to figure out if we were 1 hour early, or one hour late for church! 

So we trudged back through the foyer with people smiling at us understandingly.  I feel better, though, because when we arrived home, we saw our neighbors leaving their house all dressed up for church. They had just realized it too (although they didn’t actually MAKE it to church!)

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