Princess Party- “Real” Style

As much as I love Princess, we will never, ever again celebrate her birth for an entire week. I mean Jesus only gets two days, why should she have more. It started with her zoo party and continued on through a preshool celebration (Balloon! Special Helper! Treats! A crown!) and culmniated gloriously on the Day itself (actually the day before, but she doesn’t know that).

DMP and I stayed up late the night before decorating…


…and baking 2 cakes. That’s right, 2 cakes. The first one turned into a crumby mess when we tried to get it out of the pan.  So DMP made ANOTHER one that, luckily worked out.  Princess woke up and we had a special breakfast of choclate chip waffles and sausage (her favorites).  Then we waited frantically for the friends to arrive while Mommy decorated the cake:

The Meg and Hercules cake

The Meg and Hercules cake


OK, so it isn’t my best work, and Meg and Herc wouldn’t stand up, especially compared to the alligator last year. But we learned a valuable lesson: Cream Cheese frosting tastes really good but is AWFUL for decorating. Very soft and sticky and doesn’t set up. Princess declared it “beautiful” anyway and we were ready for the guests.

I totally underestimated what it takes to keep 5 four year olds amused. I had games all figured out, you know with rules and stuff. But they just wanted to run. And run, and run. So we did.  Then we played “freeze dance” which means they run to music and occasionaly freeze. 

After all the running we went inside and played “Balloon, Balloon, don’t touch the ground”:

Then there was about 8 games of “Going on a lion hunt”.  The pizza finally arrived and the kids ate happily.  Then it was present time.  It was so cute, they were all so excited to have Princess open their present.  After presents it was cake time:

Then it was over.  Next year? No longer than 1.5 hrs (Bek told me about this rule a little too late…).  But it was totally fund and I wanted to do something for the kids that had been her friend all summer long.

After the party everyone (including Mommy and Daddy) took a LOOONG rest.  Then, at Princess’ request, we went to the Dino Museam and got ice cream after:


It was a lot of fun.  Just before bed (we got back from the Museam late) we opened the presents from Mom, Dad, Birdy and Aunt Kate & Uncle Matt:

She got a Mermaid barbie, Peek-a-Boos (of course) and, her favorite, a magnetic paper doll (Thanks Kate and Matt!). It was a good, long birthday, but totally worth it.  I can’t believe my baby is 4!


October 24, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Kate replied:

    Yay! Thanks for the update! Although it was nice of you to say so, Matt and I know our present wasn’t the favorite one. We saw all the pictures you sent, and the look on her face was definitely more excited at some of the other ones she got. But we’re okay with that. We’re just happy we actually sent something. 😉

    Thanks again for the update! Your family is so cute!

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