For the Love of Meg!

"Thanks, Herc, its been a real slice..."

Princess has a thing for the more obscure Disney movies and characters. I guess I only have my self to blame since I had a brainstorm after buying our second copy of Little Mermaid on DVD that if we watch sturdier VHS movies, our expensive DVD’s might last longer.   So, some frantic bidding on Ebay later and we have a hefty collection of Disney movies on VHS.

One of those is Hercules.  Remember Hercules? It came out about 12 years ago and honestly I had forgotten about it. But Princess LOVES the tough, sarcastic girl, Megara (“My friends call me Meg, at least they would if I had any…”).  So all she has talked about lately is Meg.  Her imaginary playmate is always Meg and she loves to sing her song (it is SO cute!).

However, this presents a problem for me. She obviously would love and want Meg toys, but how do you find them for an not-much-beloved movie that came out 12 years ago?  Enter my favorite online savior, Ebay.  In the past it has helped me find such obscure things as a “Pink Kitty” costume (oct ’07) and has supplied my children with cute and inexpensive clothes and shoes for their whole lives. 

So off I went, searching madly for anything “Meg”.  To make matters worse, she wanted a Meg and Hercules birthday party. I could have steered her towards something a little more, um, merchandised, but I’m an overacheiver and besides, there would be boys at her friend party so the boy-friendly theme actually worked out.

I was able to find a mylar Meg balloon, and iron-on to make a shirt, and a Meg/Herc tablecloth and a lot of little McDonalds toy figures for her cake.  But what I REALLY wanted to get was a Meg doll.  THey are out there, but unfortunately, they are apparently a hot doll collector item and I wasn’t prepared to shell out $50+ for a used Meg doll.  Hmmm, what to try next?  So I looked for “Greek Barbie”. She’s only 4, she won’t know better.  No dice.  I searched on everythign I coudl think of and couldn’t come up with anything.

Fortunately, Aunt Cynj saved the day.  She somehow found a Barbie toga and put it on a brown-haired doll. THen, bless her forever, she made a box that looked like a real authentic Meg doll. I still can’t thank her enough. Princess was THRILLED to say the least and it is her new favorite toy:

Notice how she even photoshoped out her shoes!

Notice how she even photoshoped out her shoes!

Then, to round out our story of obscure Disney heroines, last week I was browsing through the costumes at DI (heroically avoiding buying more dress-up dresses and Tutus- we need more dress-ups like we need a hole in the head) when i found IT.  “No. Freakin’. Way”.  It was the holy grail of Meg-ness. Something I didn’t even dare to hope was ever possible:

Yep, her very own, authentically Disney tagged Meg dress up.  Princess loves telling the story of how it was found- right down to the “My mom saw it and said “No. Freakin’. Way.”

Here is one more Princess/Meg picture for the road (because my girl is so freakin’ cute!):

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5 Little Pumpkins….

Princess is pretending to be a pumpkin...

Oh. My. Gosh.  I heard about these “Mr. Potato Head”-type of pumpkin decorations on another blog and we got some.  They are PERFECT.  They made fun and cute pumpkins and it only took about as long as Princess’ attention span.  And DMP and I were suprised at how cute they turned out.  Super-cheap, too. They were only 3.50 at WalMart (we got two packs- animals and monsters). Love it!

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Review: Beneath a Marble Sky

This is one of the books that I ordered for my birthday (Thanks again Kate!).  I really enjoyed it alot.   I’m a big fan of historical fiction (since it makes me feel like somehow I’m learning something!) and this one is set in India, which is different than anything I’ve read before. This book is also about love- not chick-lit love, but real, true love.

The story is told from the perspective of Jahanara, a princess in the empire. Her beloved father is the one who built the Taj Mahal for her Mother after her death in child birth. It is an amazing story of how the Taj Mahal was built and the political strife around the succession to the throne. It is very well written and the story and descriptions are very rich.  I like how he “explains’ foriegn food, clothing and etc. without seeming to come right out with it. It feels like part of the natural flow of things.

One thing I thought was particularly nice about this book was how the author wrote from a woman’s perspective.  I have read several books written by men from a woman’s perspective, and they all seemed “off”. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it seems like usually something is missing in there characters. I don’t want to be sexist, but I think it is harder for men to “get inside the head” of a female, so I think their characters can end up flat, or acting in a way that perhaps a “real” woman might not.

Overall I’d definately recommend this book. It was a good read and an interesting departure for me in the historical fiction category. Be warned, there is some violence and sexuality, but I was OK with it.

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Princess Party- “Real” Style

As much as I love Princess, we will never, ever again celebrate her birth for an entire week. I mean Jesus only gets two days, why should she have more. It started with her zoo party and continued on through a preshool celebration (Balloon! Special Helper! Treats! A crown!) and culmniated gloriously on the Day itself (actually the day before, but she doesn’t know that).

DMP and I stayed up late the night before decorating…


…and baking 2 cakes. That’s right, 2 cakes. The first one turned into a crumby mess when we tried to get it out of the pan.  So DMP made ANOTHER one that, luckily worked out.  Princess woke up and we had a special breakfast of choclate chip waffles and sausage (her favorites).  Then we waited frantically for the friends to arrive while Mommy decorated the cake:

The Meg and Hercules cake

The Meg and Hercules cake


OK, so it isn’t my best work, and Meg and Herc wouldn’t stand up, especially compared to the alligator last year. But we learned a valuable lesson: Cream Cheese frosting tastes really good but is AWFUL for decorating. Very soft and sticky and doesn’t set up. Princess declared it “beautiful” anyway and we were ready for the guests.

I totally underestimated what it takes to keep 5 four year olds amused. I had games all figured out, you know with rules and stuff. But they just wanted to run. And run, and run. So we did.  Then we played “freeze dance” which means they run to music and occasionaly freeze. 

After all the running we went inside and played “Balloon, Balloon, don’t touch the ground”:

Then there was about 8 games of “Going on a lion hunt”.  The pizza finally arrived and the kids ate happily.  Then it was present time.  It was so cute, they were all so excited to have Princess open their present.  After presents it was cake time:

Then it was over.  Next year? No longer than 1.5 hrs (Bek told me about this rule a little too late…).  But it was totally fund and I wanted to do something for the kids that had been her friend all summer long.

After the party everyone (including Mommy and Daddy) took a LOOONG rest.  Then, at Princess’ request, we went to the Dino Museam and got ice cream after:


It was a lot of fun.  Just before bed (we got back from the Museam late) we opened the presents from Mom, Dad, Birdy and Aunt Kate & Uncle Matt:

She got a Mermaid barbie, Peek-a-Boos (of course) and, her favorite, a magnetic paper doll (Thanks Kate and Matt!). It was a good, long birthday, but totally worth it.  I can’t believe my baby is 4!

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Princess Party- Zoo Style

All the Monkeys at the zoo but non-cooperating Birdy

All the Monkeys at the zoo but non-cooperating Birdy

Every year since she turned 1, we have had a “family” party for Princess at the zoo. We get together with Aunts, Uncles, Grandma, Grandpa and cousins. Every year the gang of cousins gets bigger (10 this year!) and it gets more fun as they get older. Oh yeah, it also always rains.  Every year as it is cold, overcast and threatening to rain “if we’d done this last week it would have been perfect”. 

So this year, I decided to be smart. Princess has a lot of neighborhood friends that she has been playing with all summer while at Babysitter’s house and I wanted to have them over for her first real “friend” party.  So we decided to schedule the zoo party for the week before her real birthday.  I think you know where this is going (mostly because most of my few readers were there!):

Cousin S playing in the rain

Cousin S playing in the rain

It held off raining until we were just getting in our train ride before leaving, so that is something I guess.  We had a lot of fun at the party.  And, as they say, a photo is worth a thousand words, so here are some (with words to tell you the story of Princess’ zoo party:

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The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

We got a bunch of VHS videos off of Craigslist last week.  Among them was our very own copy of The Wizard of Oz. We tried to introduce this movie to Princess last summer, but she wasn’t much into anything live-action at the time, so it didn’t go over too well.

We gave it another try last night, and the reception was much better.  Both girls were enthralled. Well, at least they were after it was in color… Princess kept asking “Why does it look funny?”.  And when Dorothy lands and walks out into colorful Munchkinland, I asked “Wow, where is she?” and Princess said “She’s in color!!”.

Both girls loved Glinda- Birdy was particularly excited about the bubble-that-turns-into-a-sparkly-princess part.  Birdy had to make her exit to bed just after the Cowardly Lion makes his entrance. If you remember, he is in his furry costume with a long tail, and he does a fair amount of jumping.  She pointed excitedly and said “Monkey!”.  I tried to correct her and say “Lion, Grrrr” and she just laughed and said “Monkey” again. I guess she knows better than me.

Princess was really into the rest of the movie. So much so that when the witch throws Dorothy in the room and locks the door, she started sobbing. Literally sobbing and asking DMP “How will she get home?” It was really cute.  I was watching the rest of the movie with her and when the wizard’s balloon takes off without Dorothy, she started crying again. She was so worried about her and how she would get home to her family!

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I’m sick. Yucky, got-a-cold-want-to-sleep-all-day sick.  I just thought I’d share that with the blogging universe. I have a couple of blogs written, but I’m waiting for DMP to upload pics of Princess’ 2 birthday parties.  I just don’t have the energy to nag now. 

Please cross your fingers that no one else in our house gets this nasty bug!

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