Abortion Rant

So after John McCain announced Sara Palin as his VP choice, I read a few op-ed pieces about her pregnant, teenage daughter and her “pro-life” stance.  Both articles I read talked about how, if McCain and Palin have their way and overturn Roe v. Wade, pregnant teenagers will have no “choice” but to have babies. One article specifically stated several stats about how teenage mothers are more likely to live in poverty, be less educated, more likely to divorce, be more likely to need government aid and on and on.


Both articles were critical that by removing the “choice” to have a baby or abort it, McCain would be dooming young, teenage women to lives of poverty and misery.  One article in particular argued that kids are having sex 8-10 yrs earlier than pre-legal abortion times so we need to keep abortion legal so people have a choice in what to do about their “mistakes”. 


As I read both of these articles (and similar op-ed pieces) I kept waiting for a mention of adoption as a “choice”.  None, nada, zero, zip.  No mention of it at all (which, I guess to mention it would kinda hurt the whole “dooming young women to lives of misery” argument).  Now, both of my readers know that my adorable niece and nephew joined our family through adoption.  We wouldn’t trade them for the world and I’m grateful for their birth mom’s who were brave enough to recognize that their child could have a family that wanted them and needed them.  I think that adoption is a very viable option for dealing with an unwanted pregnancy.  Yes, you have to go through the pregnancy and birth, which isn’t a picnic, but that is a consequence that you should have to deal with.


They also obviously never mentioned, you know, using birth control or abstaining. I find it frustrating that people treat abortion as another form of birth control. It is irresponsible – especially in an era where any young woman can go to planned parenthood and get birth control.

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  1. Jane replied:

    amen, sister!

  2. Robert Philips replied:

    Thanks for expressing your views here Melissa

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