Baby Birdy

I know it may sound strange, but I honestly expected both of my girls to be- not the same, but similar.  Princess has always had long, dark hair and as I’ve said before, a very easygoing personality. Baby Birdy? Not so much.  She was a baldy until recently and her hair is still pretty light. She has her momma’s baby blues and definitely a personality all her own.


Birdy has ALWAYS wanted to go, do, and be more. When she was born, she was so strong and started holding her head up right away. I honestly think she bawled for the first 8 weeks because she was frustrated that she couldn’t do more with her little newborn body.  She has hit all of her milestones early and we can tell when she is coming up on one, because she gets super-cranky the week before.




She insists on doing things herself. Heaven help the person who fails to give her the string cheese out of the package, or the banana out of the peel (if she sees it). Earlier this week, I was giving Princess cheerios for breakfast before preschool (they usually eat at the babysitters).  Birdy insisted on her own bowl, with the same cereal and she HAD to have a splash of milk- just like Princess.


Come to think of it, she wants to do everything Princess does.  In the mornings after I do Princess’s hair, she comes and stands in front of me and says “Hair? Hair?”.  The best part is that lately she starts to say “Ow, ow, ow” as soon as the hairbrush touches her hair- just like big sis.


She is such a delight and is getting so grown up.  She is talking a lot now and repeats a lot of the words we say or she hears. Her favorite things are her “Ginky” (blankets- she has to play with the tag, though), Princess, Ollie (the kitty), dancing, and babies. She is a much more physically affectionate kid than Princess was. We get lots of wet, sloppy kisses and she always wants to cuddle, play with your hands and etc.  She also has the very best belly laugh in the world. I could just listen to it all day!


August 29, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. cynthia replied:

    We have nicknamed Sam and Thomas “Monkey See” and Monkey do” around here. Yesterday, after I had already dressed Thomas, I had to pull a shirt out of the laundry bag for Sam. Thomas spent the next 20 minutes or so FREAKING out because he wanted to wear a shirt that had been pulled out of the laundry bag too. I finally caved. I’m not proud that my 2 year old has a stronger will than mine. It’s probably payback of some sort. Right mom?

  2. Kate replied:

    Yay! An update! It’s about time. 😉

    Those pictures of Birdy are so cute. Post more. And more of Princess!

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