I’m so excited about the new book-a-riffic riches that I have to blog about it.  My sister Kate gave me an Amazon gift card for my b-day (super-thanks!) and I just ordered 5 new books.  This combines my two favorite things- books and getting stuff in the mail. Seriously, I’ll pay for the shipping so I don’t have to go to a store but I also LOVE getting packages.


I’m mostly proud that they aren’t all fluffy chick lit (I felt the need to go more intellectual after the brain-melting that was the Twlight series).  Here is the list:


Beneath a Marble Sky

Water for Elephants: A Novel (at Mom’s recommendation- we’ll talk)

The Splendor of Silence: A Novel

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Anybody Out There? (the only real chick lit- Marian Keyes is one of my favorites)


The best news is that I still have money left over (most were $.01 – $1.00 used).  So any suggestions?


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  1. cynthia replied:

    How about send back the Time Travelers Wife? I read it and was just depressed by the end. I think Bek liked it though. It just made me mad. i thought it was worth reading, but not owning.

  2. Jane replied:

    Nothing intellectual about “Water”….. depressing yes, definately not a feel good book!

  3. cynthia replied:

    Mom is recommending depressing books?

  4. Jeff replied:

    I think that if you have not grasped on to Garth Nix’s Keys of the Kingdom series you should hit them up. I just bought the latest book, and it was pure joysauce. I couldn’t stop reading. Or Artemis Fowl, I got the new one of that too.

    I agree with your love of just reading books, and getting packages. It is probably one of my favorite things in the entire world. Straight up! 🙂

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