Baby Birdy

I know it may sound strange, but I honestly expected both of my girls to be- not the same, but similar.  Princess has always had long, dark hair and as I’ve said before, a very easygoing personality. Baby Birdy? Not so much.  She was a baldy until recently and her hair is still pretty light. She has her momma’s baby blues and definitely a personality all her own.


Birdy has ALWAYS wanted to go, do, and be more. When she was born, she was so strong and started holding her head up right away. I honestly think she bawled for the first 8 weeks because she was frustrated that she couldn’t do more with her little newborn body.  She has hit all of her milestones early and we can tell when she is coming up on one, because she gets super-cranky the week before.




She insists on doing things herself. Heaven help the person who fails to give her the string cheese out of the package, or the banana out of the peel (if she sees it). Earlier this week, I was giving Princess cheerios for breakfast before preschool (they usually eat at the babysitters).  Birdy insisted on her own bowl, with the same cereal and she HAD to have a splash of milk- just like Princess.


Come to think of it, she wants to do everything Princess does.  In the mornings after I do Princess’s hair, she comes and stands in front of me and says “Hair? Hair?”.  The best part is that lately she starts to say “Ow, ow, ow” as soon as the hairbrush touches her hair- just like big sis.


She is such a delight and is getting so grown up.  She is talking a lot now and repeats a lot of the words we say or she hears. Her favorite things are her “Ginky” (blankets- she has to play with the tag, though), Princess, Ollie (the kitty), dancing, and babies. She is a much more physically affectionate kid than Princess was. We get lots of wet, sloppy kisses and she always wants to cuddle, play with your hands and etc.  She also has the very best belly laugh in the world. I could just listen to it all day!

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I’m so excited about the new book-a-riffic riches that I have to blog about it.  My sister Kate gave me an Amazon gift card for my b-day (super-thanks!) and I just ordered 5 new books.  This combines my two favorite things- books and getting stuff in the mail. Seriously, I’ll pay for the shipping so I don’t have to go to a store but I also LOVE getting packages.


I’m mostly proud that they aren’t all fluffy chick lit (I felt the need to go more intellectual after the brain-melting that was the Twlight series).  Here is the list:


Beneath a Marble Sky

Water for Elephants: A Novel (at Mom’s recommendation- we’ll talk)

The Splendor of Silence: A Novel

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Anybody Out There? (the only real chick lit- Marian Keyes is one of my favorites)


The best news is that I still have money left over (most were $.01 – $1.00 used).  So any suggestions?

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School thoughts

Princess (to her Aunt Cynj): “I go to pretty-school now.  And when I’m big, I’ll ride a school bus and go to kitty-garden.”

Boy- I hope she isn’t TOO disappointed when she realizes there are no kitties in Kindergarten! 

Princess started preschool and is very excited. It is only day 2 and she has already learned a lot. Today she brought her beloved pink blanket for show-and-tell. I dropped her off today for the first time and met her teacher and felt so grown up!

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Update is still coming but…

I know, I know…. I’m really just waiting for DMP to help me upload the 200 pics of our Sedona trip so I can do a sweet blog update.  In the meantime, you can read Cynj’s version here.

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I don’t know if I can do this…

Princess has very pretty, very unusual eyes.  They are hazel (like DMP- more brownish than greenish) and she has a “magic spot”- a spot of dark brown in her right (?) eye.  Her Aunt Jen dubbed it that shortly after it showed up when she was a baby (and still blue-eyed).

A couple of weeks ago, she went through a period where she really, really wanted blue eyes.  To the point that she was begging me and crying that she wanted them.  She also said she didn’t want brown hair.  I don’t know what touched it off- maybe it was the fact that most of her friends are blue-eyed tow-heads or that Birdy has been getting comments and attention for her big blue eyes.

The point is that I felt helpless and I didn’t know how to react or what to do. Nothing I said could convince her that she had awesome, amazing eyes that are WAY cooler than boring plain blue ones.  No one thing I said helped, but over the next couple of days, I pointed out all of the brown-haired/not-blue eyed princesses, people and etc. that we saw.  I think the most helpful thing was when one of her beloved Aunties pointed out that she also had brown hair and hazel eyes and that Sam, her best cousin-friend,  also had them that things turned around.

The crisis has been averted, but my panicking, helicopter-mom self is freaking out.  I know that this is a smidgen of what could come in the future.  How do I help her navigate the mine field that is our society with it’s obsession with stuff, beauty and looking a certain way. Add to that the developmental stages that kids go through where they want to fit in and not be unique- how do you help them?

I plan to pray a lot and do the best I can.  My very wise Aunt and I were talking about something like this in Sedona, and she pointed out that a lot of that stuff comes from the example a Mother sets. 

She pointed out that I probably avoided a lot of teen angst about how I looked and what I wore and etc because my own Mom wasn’t obsessed with that kind of thing and set a good example.  As I think of my friends who also seemed to successfully navigate the “I hate how I look” period, they also had moms who were good examples. 

So there is hope, I guess, but the whole thing still has me freaked out.  It was so hard to hear my perfect, beautiful little girl say she wanted to change something about her appearance at almost 4.

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Off the Twilight Bandwagon- A review


An update (with pictures) on our Sedona trip is coming- I promise.  But I just finished my stint on the bandwagon last night and finished Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight series that everyone (in UT, it seems) is obsessed with.  I’m still perplexed about how I feel about the series.


You dear readers are the lucky ones who join me on this journey. Lucky you. (You could always just stop reading now and wait for something more interesting). So first of all I’m going to take my life into my hands and say that Stephanie Meyer (the author) cannot write. Period.  I’m amazed that people like her or the dude who wrote the abomination that is Eragon actually not only get published but popular.  The only thing I can think to blame it on is the decline in reading in general and the degradation of society in general- our standards are just low.  As far as SM’s writing ability, I’d say she is on par or a little worse than Gerald Lund and the Work and the Glory books (I know- how dare I question the, um, glory of those books- aren’t they scripture now?).


That being said, I think she is a good storyteller. With the exception of the last book Breaking Dawn, her plots were suspenseful and believable (well, as believable as can be when there are vampires and werewolves involved…). She has a gift for fleshing out her characters and making them real, for the most part.  That actually becomes a fault, though, when you realize that her books are all about 200 pages too long.  While I was reading, I found myself engrossed and interested. It wasn’t until after I put the book down and thought about it that I realized how bad some of it was- that is saying something I guess.


The first thing that bugged me was the obsession the author had with the perfect, stone, amazing, beautiful vampire-dude Edward.  By about the middle of the first book I was so tired of the repetitive descriptions of how beautiful, perfect and angelic he was.  I wanted to scream “I GET IT- I’M NOT A MORON!! I CAN REMEMBER THAT HE IS REALLY GOOD LOOKING FOR MORE THAN 3 PAGES- YOU DON’T HAVE TO REMIND ME ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME!!!”.  The next thing that bugged me was that I hated the main character, Bella.  To SM”s credit, I suppose she wrote a character that was “real” enough for me to hate.  But Bella is such a moron- seriously.  She literally doesn’t do anything except spend time with her boyfriend and pine for him when he isn’t there. She doesn’t do anything!  And Edward, the vampire boyfriend is like an abusive boyfriend. I think we are supposed to say “AWWW he’s overprotective” but I just thought- what a patronizing jerk.  I read a blog/review that said it best: “I’m done wincing at her creepy relationships (Meyerville: where the men are borderline abusive and the women love to take it).


The thing that freaks me out about the whole thing is that so many women are in love with Edward and their relationship is the big draw for them.  They seem to envy it and to me, there is nothing but creepiness there. Then again, I’ve always been the type of girl who is looking for someone to love me and be a partner and equal through this crazy journey of life- not a father figure or someone to “take care of me”- especially not in a creepy abusive-boyfriend way.  Thank goodness I found DMP and not a creepy vampire- he’s perfect!!!


So, at the end of the day (and this mostly rambling post) I’m going to cheerfully ebay my copies of the Twilight books and never look back. I don’t regret the time spent reading them. They were fun “fluff” and it was interesting to see what the fuss is all about (and laugh at the awful writing).  I don’t know that I’d recommend them to a friend, though without having them read this post first.  I’m certainly not going to preach their awesomeness from the pulpit in Testimony or RS. 


Now I feel like I have to “scrub out my brain” by reading something that is well-written and won’t make me feel like my brain is sliding out of my ears.  Any suggestions?

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We’re Back…

I’m working on a full report with pictures, but Princess and I made it back from Sedona.  It was so great to visit my fun Aunts and Grandma.  I can’t believe we don’t get together more often!  We’ll have to fix that 🙂

Princess was an AMAZING traveller (thank you DVD player!). She was very sweet and well behaved. What an Angel.  We both missed DMP and Birdy, though, and I was happy to get back home to them.  I’m also ready to not ride in a car for the rest of my life- particularly not the AZ to UT trip. I had all kinds of unpleasant flashbacks to our many, many Phoenix to UT car trips this time around!

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