Playing Hookie

We skipped church yesterday and it is bad, but I don’t really feel bad about it. It is the first time we’ve missed church in a LOOONG time (excepting the times that we’ve been travelling or whatever).   It was such a wonderful day, that I think it was worth it.

We woke up as usual and DMP, awesome studmuffin that he is, woke up with Birdy so I could sleep in until 9. 9 O’clock people!  I’m turning into my mother and I usually am incapable of sleeping in past 7:30, even when I can.  That alone made it a great day.  I came downstairs to DMP playinga loud game of “burrito” that involved wrapping up the girls in a blanket, burrito style.  I joined in and we were having so much fun that I started getting sad that we’d soon have to get “serious” and have baths, lunch, and get ready for church.

So I thought- what the heck- we’ll play hookie.  And Princess and Birdy DO have coughs that have kept them up the night before, so we justified our staying home by saying we were protecting our fellow church-goers.  But really we just wanted to stay home and play with our girls.  So we did.

There was a lot of burrito-ing.  Then Birdy and Daddy took a nap while Princess and I painted things and cut things (her ads, me coupons).  When everyone woke up, we got some lunch and hung out some more.  We played complicated games that Princess makes up where she orders us to say strange things to each other and that also involve a lot of going in and out of doors. 

We cooked (assembled?) yummy Vietnamese spring rolls for dinner, and Princess even helped.  In all, it was a really rare, fun day. We don’t get to spend a lot of “chill out” time with the girls and by necessity our weekends are a lot of running around so there isnt’ a lot of uninterrupted time to play. 

So in a way I think it was a lot better than wrestling both of them in sacrament meeting and then endlessly walking the halls with Birdy (2 months until Nursery!).  But listen to me justify…  How was your weekend?

Princess and Birdy making Mommy pretty...

Princess and Birdy making Mommy pretty...


July 28, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. cynthia replied:

    Sam can be amused cutting things for hours. He asks me if he can “snip” so often, I finally went and bought him some rounded scissors. We just spent our last week teaching the @*%# 12-13 year old sunday school class. Now we look forward to more sunday sluffing (I mean, being health conciously courteous to our fellow ward members).

  2. Jeff replied:

    I like it. I spent the weekend building a dam at the base of a natural waterfall in Kanarraville, Utah. Home of the all-women fire department. About 600 stones later, the water was deep enough to not shatter your kneecaps. That was it. Oh yeah, and I lit my hand on fire with gasoline.
    Go church!

  3. Jane replied:

    Where have I gone wrong? Even though you tried, 7:30 am is the middle of the day for mother!

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