Princess has been, for the most part, and easy-going kid to parent. Sure, she’d take off screaming and laughing and never look back, and she’ll go up to total strangers and adopt them, but so far she has been pretty easy.

Birdy, on the other hand, is an entirely different story.  She is a baby mountain goat who will be standing and dancing on top of the table every time you turn your back. She gets into everything, and has just figured out how to open doors.  She is also very, very, freakishly determined.

Case in point;

Birdy is just getting the hang of negotiating stairs. She’s had the “up” part down for a while, but till thinks she can “walk” down the stairs like everyone else in the house.  DMP and I have been letting her practice when we are around to keep an eye on her. 

This weekend, she was going up and down the stairs and DMP and I were both in the kitchen.  Suddenly we hear “THUMP, THUMP, THUMP- WAAAAAHHHHH!!!”.  Of course we are panicked and go in to pick up our crying baby who just fell down the stairs. 

DMP picks her up and Birdy is wailing and trying get away. I’m secretly flattered and I say “Oh, do you want Mama?” as I take her from him. Nothing doing. She pushes me away and struggles to get down.  I put her down and the crying immediately stops and up the stairs she goes again.  She wasn’t scared, or hurt or upset. She was just pissed and wanted to do try again. 

The best part? This happened not once but TWICE this weekend!  Heaven help us with this one1


July 18, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Kate replied:

    That’s awesome! Go Birdy! We love hearing these stories, so keep them up!

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